The Most Violent Beating I Ever Dealt Out

by Adventure Wynn


This is a real fight I was in as a youth.

The Most Violent Beating I Ever Dealt Out.

For mature audiences only

When i was young I had a look that attracted fist fights. After taking a beating dealt by Jay Pethel, one of only a few I took, I shaved my head cause he grabbed my hair and kneed the hell out of my face. People who never fought said Jay wasn't all that tough but like Bobby Baker, the guy was solid and tall. Thats a tough combo to slug it out with. After shaving my head, Geraldo got beat up by skinheads, so all of a sudden I was a skinhead!? This attracted a lot more fights.

So I beat a few guys up who were looking for trouble and my reputatión snow balled. I only started one unwanted fight in my life that I remember, i feel bad about that fight to this day. But I learned how unsatisfying it is to fight someone unless they insist.

Eventually I developed a technique where I would insist on not fighting and make the guy beg me to beat his ass. The more confident the guy became that I didnt want to fight, the more sure i was that he was a dead man. IT NEVER FAILED. You see boxers square off and try to look mean, thats Bullshit, if you want to get in a fighters head act scared, you will destroy him. It probably wouldnt work in a ring as well, but in a bar it is undefeated.

It became so enjoyable to lead these idiots into my crosshares. I seriously felt like a bullfighter leading a Bull in the ring. The Best was when you could get the guy to mock you. Im not trying to be dramátic it was just that easy.

Another thing about fighting is if you beat up a guy Who enjoys fighting, you will have to do it again unless you make him not want to fight you. You got to force defeat on him.

So those fights I loved! When someone really insists on getting beat up it is very satisfying. Tony Hendrickson was this kind of guy. I knew his rep. As a fist fighter he probably knew mine. So it was only a matter of time before we crossed paths. One night at a party in a motel he came in looking for trouble.

People who dont fight, dont know a fight doesnt start when someone hits someone, thats almost never the first move. Theres a lot of subtle shit going on. Like a guy with his head shaved, not a flat top, Just buzzed off, thats a subtle sign to other fighters, that and a scar under his eyebrow is a dead give away. I had both those. I got my scar from losing a battle with gravity but it has the same effect. Im justifying my reaction that night when Hendrickson walked in.

Hendrickson had a huge rep for beating people up. He was in this hotel room and he wasnt there to have fun. He was from out of town and he came to our town to beat someone up. That started the fight. So when I hurled an empty gallon of whisky at his head that was Just a reaction to his move. It missed lucky for him and he and his crew got me down and kicked me in the ribs a few times, busting my mouth or nose, nothing serious. The Last thing I said when I jumped up was you got one coming. Now that I think about it if that bottle hit him it might have saved him some senses.... But then I wouldve been the one getting paid back. As it was this was the beginning of the end for him.

A certain time later I was in a big fourdoor cruising around drinking with 7 or 8 others. Wild country boys, they were some scrappy guys from around Warner as I recall. Im not naming names for a reason you will see.

I was in the backseat in the middle Just chilling when a guy in the front turns excitedly and says, "There's Hendrickson! You wanna get that mother fucker?" apparently he was walking down the street or something cause i didnt even look. I Just said, "eh, if you want to." cause fighting was never the first thing on my mind. But I could get it there pretty quickly youll see.

So we pulled into a Hardees I think it was, the one in Belpre. This was Hendrickson's turf and we were passing thru on our way back from drinking in Parkersburg. So we stop quick and all fall out and I just follow the other guys cause I hadnt even seen him yet. We ran thru the Hardees and out the other side. And Hendrickson is in the passenger seat of a car going away from us. The mother fucker is game, i will testify, cause he makes his buddy pull the car over.

They pull into a gravel lot and jump out and his buddy runs like someone who has a brain. Tony on the other hand, reaches in the trunk and stands there waiting as this pack of wolves charge him. I got to say again that this guys got nerve. Im like the last guy to get there and as we run up on him a guy in front of me trips over a large spot light, Breaking the bracket. I grab the spot light and rip it up and electric explodes out of this burning all the skin off my palms. I didnt even notice. In 30 seconds I smashed all the Windows out and intentionally dented every piece I couldnt shatter of his buddys Z24.

The pack had surrounded Hendrickson who had come out of the trunk with a 2x4. He was waving it around at everyone and without hesitation I run at him. I decided instantly to trade a broken arm for this chance to even the score. And as I am running at him, I scream, "Swing it at me MOTHER FUCKAAAAA!" He cuts loose with the 2x4 and I swing my forearm at it as Hard as I can. Dude what happened next blew everyones mind for 1/2 second.

I knocked the 2x4 out of his hands! It went flying and his eyes, ill never forget, were the size of dinner plates. I learned quickly if you block a club close to the guys hands the momentum of the club head will pull it right out like it's buttered. I used that a few more times after that. I guarantee they aint expecting that either.

He knows its about to get tough. He turns to run and I think theres no way your getting away and I dive on him, tackling him. The pack swarms. Im on his back and hes covering up. I lock fingers with my hands on his forehead and force his face up to a rain of kicks from atleast two guys.

As the violent beating continúes he rolls over exposing his ribs and my Brother has the 2x4 and is slamming his ribs with it. At this point the fight has left Hendrickson and I stand up and tell Mike to give me that 2x4.

Hendrickson I think is unconcious at this point laying flat on his back cause he offers no resistance as I slam the 2x4 against his face several times like im splitting firewood. The Last shot is a golf swing to the side of his head. I left thinking I had just murdered that guy. I had no doubt.

During this beating, traffic had stopped and was blowing horns. We all run away in different directions. My Brother gets picked up a few minutes later by the Belpre police. Me and another guy get chased but we allude. Mike gets taken back to the scene and he sees them scraping Hendrickson up and as they load him in the squad, Mike sees his lifeless arm fall off the stretcher, and he realizes we killed the guy.

But we didnt, the hospital put him in a coma for two weeks cause his brain gets a little swollen. After recovering I never hear of him fighting anyone again. I also hear he has no sense of taste or smell.

The cops have my Brother but after some fast talking... The cops ask why he cant tell them what hes doing in Belpre and he looks at the desk and sees something about statutory rape, looks up and says, "Im fucking a minor" and they let him go.

The cops never contact me. It was no secret, everyone knew who did it. I really think the cops thought Hendrickson finally got his. The whole town did. I was on edge for several weeks after that and people kept approaching me asking if I was the guy who beat Hendrickson up. After answering no they always said if you know the guy tell him thanks cause that mother fucker deserved it.

Much later Im in the Town House and I see a guy I think is Hendrickson but im not sure cause I only saw him twice ever. So I go to the bathroom and prepare for another death match that I assume could be coming.

When I open the door he's standing right there. To get a feel of what is about to go down, I stick my hand out to shake and he takes ahold of it and without a word we shake hands and part. Ive never seen him since.

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