Me on Bad Brains

by Adventure Wynn

Here's a fun story when I went to see Bad Brains in Cincinnati. They had been on awhile and the place was loving it. I was disappointed the stage was separated about 5 feet from the crowd by a 4 foot barrier and there was at least 3 bouncers in that space. I wasn't the only one enjoying myself that night! I look at the tall guy beside me and yell, "I'm goin over!" Without pause he cups his hands for my foot and I launched 20 feet in the Air and come down in the bouncer pit. I am immediately swarmed by bouncers.

The stage is really high... Like head level and I only have time to latch on to this 1x4 trim at the edge of the stage. I had all my power focused on that trim. 3 college guys couldn't budge me, i don't know how that happened but they were giving me everything they had! They were slamming my arms trying to dislodge me. This went on for a minute. At one point they relaxed and one guy stepped back, literally got in a three point stance, and got a linebacker run at me and hit me at full speed and I didn't move. But I did feel the trim coming off the stage.

The fucking guys looked at each other dumb struck which gave me the split second to leap at the crowd. I leapt and they were on me. I didn't make it over the barrier but i had my upper body in the crowd, screaming Pull! A guy grabbed my arm and started tugging while the bouncers didn't want to let go and it was tug-o-war with me as the rope! And this went on for a moment too. He had me by my left arm and I remember pointing at him with my right, screaming "Pull!". It was so much fun.

The bouncers finally wrestled me back in and they had so much respect for me at this point one guy puts his hand on my neck and pushes me down under the barrier and back into the crowd as he yells, "YOU'RE GOING OUT THAT WAY MOTHER FUCKER!" later after the show someone recognized me and let out a big cheer. The next morning my entire left side of my rib cage was black and blue and scratched up. Good times.

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