by Adventure Wynn

Trump mispeaks ALOT. Like when he said, "I dont see why it would be Russia." I heard him say, "I have been Hard on Russia." I wonder if he meant to say, "I have a hard on for Russia." If he really meant that he has been hard on Russia, An ambassador to Russia called that bullshit. I guess the buck stops at the ambassador. How can the blue collar guys i know appreciate such a slippery eel that dodges the buck stop? I for one appreciate your sense of loyalty but the tsunami of evidence is mounting.

Why would the ambassador feel it necessary to contradict him? What are we going to do when the Air Traffic controllers walk out and need your support? Are you going to support the President or your blue collar brothers and sisters? The wall 1/3 of the way around the country is that important? The only ones benefiting from this are the banks who are double dealing with loansto people to pay the money they are already owed. Ps.. Blizzards and stressed out Air Traffic Controllers... Enjoy that your flight!

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