The Drone Riders Islands of Enchantment Conclusion

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


The conclusion ends with Jimmy Banker planning to travel to the Islands of Enchanment, himself. Mr. Davis informs him he would not be welcomed there. Ken Davis was contemplating his upcoming expensive divorce settlement to his supportive spouse, Marian Davis. She is thinking about how fast she can spend $25,000 dollars. Neither parent misses their abscent children. And the three of them will get their own wish to never see the missing Davis Children again. Always remember to be careful whatever you wish for in a fairy tale. You might just get the wish you never really wanted after all!

"I never knew the islands of Enchantment for displaced kids would be so beautiful!" shouted the two sisters Janet and Judy Davis gleefully. Wasn't it a good idea to check out all of those wonderful magical books at our library. And to turn them back in before we got started out on our whole new adventure." Eritrean, the fairy flight instructor laughed out loud, "Yes it is always a great idea for lost and unwanted youth and children to enjoy our islands sanctuary

"Do they have flying broom sticks and magic carpet rides?" asked fourteen year old Ted Davis. "But of course on the Islands of Enchantment your slightest wishes are our commands. It has been a pleasure serving all four of you." replied Eritrean. "I know you will have a wonderful time." "What would you like to do first?"

"I think we better ride flying carpets before we ride broomsticks,"suggested sixteen year old Jonathan (Jon) for short Davis. "We should ride the magic carpets first! agreed his other siblings. "Isn't it great we all get along," remarked Janet. "All we used to do is bicker, bicker, and bicker about everything! Judy agreed with her sister. Judy was age ten and curious about her surroundings. Janet age twelve was her older sister.

They used to fight over everything except boys. Their parents thought they were both too young to be interested in them. The fact was Judy did have a boy she left behind her. Jimmy Banker was in the eighth grade, the last grade of their middle school, West Central Middle School. Home of the Knights. Next year Jimmy would be in the ninth grade, his first year of West Central High School. Home of the Tigers. Being enrolled in different schools would have ended their relationship Judy already knew.

Jimmy would grow older, but she would always remain age twelve? While the Davis youth and children were joyfully riding magic carpets and waving at mermaids and mermen and bottle noised dolphins. Their parents, Ken and Marian Davis returned to an quiet and empty home. They could not hear the loud noises of their children! What would they tell the State? How would they be able to go their own separate ways? They need not love their children except as declaring them as tax exemptions on their joint filing income tax returns.

Jimmy Banker turned up at the front door. He was planning on dumping Judy. He thought it was better to do it face to face instead of texting each other. Once he made up his mind to accomplish something unpleasant the sooner it was done the better he liked it. "Mr and Mrs Davis, Judy told me about you getting a divorce,"Jimmy said. "Judy had no business telling you in the first place,"angrily responded Ken Davis, the so-called Master of the house.

When in reality his so-called loving wife Marian wore the pants of the family. All she cared about was money. When she finally agreed to marry Ken Davis, she was impressed by his ambition. She thought she would be marrying a wealthy, powerful influential young man! Was she ever disillusioned! Ken Davis did not have what it takes to climb the ladder of success!

Ken Davis wanted to dump his nagging and greedy wife. She would really take him to the cleaners in their divorce settlement, $25,000. By today's twenty-first century standers it is just a drop in the bucket. It just happened to be the settlement amount she was to be granted in their prenuptial agreement. She was to be awarded: their home, savings accounts, two cars and monthly child support and alimony under Washington State law.

All he would end up with were the clothes on his back, his comb, electric razor and tooth burst. It suited him just fine. Not only was he to gain his independence from his wife. But also from his children!

"What a terrible price he paid for his freedom and independence! He inwardly told himself.

"Hello, Mr Davis have you seen Judy, your eldest daughter anywhere? I am sick and tired of trying to measure up to all of her expectations, "Jimmy was a verbose and complaining young man.

"No I haven't Jimmy and neither has my loving and supportive spouse." "Thanks for the complements, darling." Mrs Marian Davis tactfully replied, "But I haven't seen or heard the little monsters lately." "Judy once told me Jonathan and Theodore had some weird ideas about building a drone, and taking some magical blue pills.

And flying to islands of Enchantment. You know it is a place for lost and unwanted children and youth. Judy and Janet used to check out a lot of books about it. You can't go there because you are far too mean, ugly and old!" yelled a frustrated Jimmy Banker.

"But I can because I just turned Ted's age fourteen. The islands don't accept anyone over the age of seventeen. And the kids never get to grow up just like Peter Pan. All I have to do is build a drone, and take one of Ted's magical little blue pill and program the drone's Cps map finders. It looks like it is the only way I get to finally dump your daughter.

"I am afraid Jimmy but a young man with your abrasive attitude would never be aloud on the islands of Enchantment! You might just as well forget about Judy because you will never see her again. And neither will we!" shouted Mr Davis

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy54/October Country

January 23, 2019/ May 30, 2020

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