Hillary for President?

by Adventure Wynn

I can easily accept Bill and Hillary Clinton are criminals. Waco was burnt to the ground and they murdered that innocent baby on Ruby Ridge as it was clutching its Mother's breast. Do you need more? How about when he bombed that pharmaceutical plant in Sudan? I know for every President I could fill a page with a list of crimes against humanity. We should have not accepted this! But like sheep we did.

George W Bush still has a warrant out for his arrest and was clearly a war criminal just like Obama, and we accepted that for no reason other than we were to self absorbed to give a fuck about torture and drone strikes on innocent civilians.

Now presently we have another fucking criminal dirt bag in the White house and with the bar already so low it is anybody's guess what this current dirt bag is capable of. So yeah i see the trajectory and I am concerned you're running out of time to give a fuck.

If you want to insist on focusing on the past go for it. But we cant do anything about our former lethargy as a country just like I cant change the fact that i spent the best years of my life wasted. But we can change tomorrow, but not by dwelling on yesterday or feeling sorry for ourselves. They all inhabit the same immoral plane.

Its like some people want to sniff piles of shit and point out the stinkiest, like that makes their pile the best. No matter how much you say you enjoy the odor he is still a pile of shit. And no matter who you align with we are all 100% better than the best of these motherfuckers. Instead of letting these people drag us all into the sewer why don't we pull together to drag these low life's up into the light?

And if you insist on allegiance to any of these presidents then you will be an understandable target of retribution. Just like 911 was a legitimate act of desperation to fully engage everyone in this global struggle for minds and money. Borders will never quarantine the victims of this plague.

I have a very unpopular belief that Osama bin Ladin wasn't our enemy as much as someone trying to force us to look out from under the shroud of ignorance imposed by the government and media conglomerates of this world. You can focus your anger on bin Ladin or you can direct it toward yourself and exact some real change.

Maybe like Gabriel he just wanted everyone to suffer equally, because once there we will muster the courage to question ourselves. What if Old Testament angels do exist? 911 was brought to you on a pair of white wings was it not?

Everyone in this country needs an internal revolution to set this country back on the righteous path of leadership. Right now the only options are deserving everything that's coming or moving as far from the future disasters as you can.

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