The Future of Trump

by Adventure Wynn

Most people know Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt had Coke bottle glasses. Did you know he also had a high pitched nasally voice? I heard a recording of it once. It wasn't the voice you would expect coming out of that big macho guy. I have always wondered if his rich boy upbringing, as a Child his mother put dresses on him, coupled with these obvious macho deficiencies led him up San Juan Hill? He was known to criticize "weak" people. Like classic over compensation? Apparently he believed he was destined for greatness because he was superior. . He formed his own polítical party after losing the Repúblican nomination to his VP Taft. This 3rd party of Roosevelt had the "Nader Effect" on the Republicans and they all lost to Woodrow Wilson. Roosevelt's "Bull Moose Party" was just a cult of personality and fell a part immediately more or less.

What if as the 2020 election approaches and the Republicans aren't real enthusiastic about renominating Trump, Trump forms his own party. Call it the "Golden Goose Party" He will "Nader" the fuck out of the Republicans and they will suffer a record defeat. It will be a slam dunk for the Democrats.

We all know the only thing that either party cares about is power. They both are Just working for the Industrial Matrix ultimately. That's the only constituency that doesn't have to fight for what it wants and expect.

What can the Republicans do to save themselves from the possibility of Trumps cult of personality of the "Golden Goose Party" When Trump threatens the status quo of the power structure, you will see the Republicans quickly move to impeach him and remove him but they will have to have him convicted to keep his "Golden Goose" grounded.

What I wonder about is what kind of reaction the voters will have in 2020. I think of the original President who acted anti Presidential. In my mind that was Andrew Jackson...

Jackson was a slaver with a racist disregard for native populations so that's nothing new up to that point, but he was famous for his want of education. He instead was known to trust his gut instinct. His lack of education was his only connection with the people he claimed to represent.

He was elected under suspicion of a "corrupt bargain". He radically tampered with the economy. And there was a recessión at the end of his 2nd term that involved tariffs. South Carolina was going to secede over it. He was known for a nationalist stance. He started the práctice of appointing supporters called "the spoils system" as reward for their support.

He is remembered as very divisive. He opposed an independent supreme court. He had the "kitchen cabinet" an unofficial group of advisers. He had a rich friend start a news paper to publish pro Jackson stories, The Washington Globe. He threatened to use the military to get what he wanted, which was a 45% tariff on stuff, i read.

He appointed 6 unremarkable supreme court justices. His only regrets, "didn't shoot Henry Clay or hang John C Calhoun" He famously harbored animosity against his enemies. He even repeated that on his deathbed cause Calhoun was a traitor. Sound fucking familiar yet or what?!

More from wiki a quote from Tocqueville a contemporary of Jackson.

"General Jackson is the agent of the state jealousies; and he was placed in his lofty station by the passions that are most opposed to the central government. It is by perpetually flattering these passions that he maintains his station and his popularity. General Jackson is the slave of the majority: he yields to its wishes, its propensities, and its demands... "

The biggest difference is no mention of Russia in the Wiki entry about Jackson.

That was almost 200 years ago. Jackson was followed by one term Van Buren who was the founder of the Democrátic Party, who's re- election suffered from a dismal economy.

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