Best Friends Forever Part Three of the Friends Series.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


My clincian and fellow writer and poet at Compass Health, Greg Richardson suggested Princess Gloria be changed into a flying broomstick for the royal couple to fly away on. I decided to have a young witch, Tabitha do the honors to get back at her mother and crown spy, Samatha. I got the idea of the wiches names from the syndcated 1960's television series Bewitched. In the series neither Tabitha or her mother have the exact same personalties as my own.

"The mermaids, and elves and Leprechauns are very nervous. They could unjustly become imprisoned as suspects. They are running scared and have all gone into hiding." The fairy godmother explained. "Are fairies also suspects? asked the fairy prince Author, "But of course we are!" interrupted Jasmine his fairy friend. "What about the mermaids and mermen? asked Author while glancing at both of his best friend forever. "They are rapidly swimming under the enchanted sea of Auroan into its lowest depths. "Both the elves and Leprechauns are turning themselves into inanimate objects such as trees." It is very nice to know. But I never thought of trees from the forests of Enchantment as being inanimate. They are able to sing, talk and grab people and each other," explained his fairy god mother. But the knights are not even aware of it."

"What about the tiny tree people? Don't they work hand in glove with the knights? In order for them to fly the royal blue and red birds? "Cooperation only works so far. Since they live in the trees. They honestly believe in self-preservation of their homes," the fairy godmother concluded her explanations, "I never did thank you for taking good care of me by turning me into a toad, fairy godmother. I never did thank you for turning me into a fairy creature, Jasmine either," Author said with gratitude, "Princess Gloria will never be able to find me! Wouldn't it be a good thing if one of us managed to turn her into a green toad! It would be much too good a fate for her. In short it would be better if she met with some other fate.

"There was an evil fairy prince who was turned into a pixie dust tree. And an evil woman who was turned into a golden statue. They are remaining on fairy island. "Where, fairy godmother, do the three of us go from here?"asked Author a concerned fairy prince, "If the kingdom finds out that I turned you into a green toad, and Jasmine transformed you into a fairy prince, we are all in a lot of trouble. They have spies everywhere. You may have heard of the common expression," Be careful what you say, because even the walls have ears."

The fairy godmother responded negatively to his question. "You mean they really pay people money to become informants to the crown! Author exploded, "Unfortunately, there are not a lot of available jobs Auroan," sighed the fairy godmother. "And it is not actually you are aware of the consequences of turning ourselves in. You, crown Prince Author would have to marry Princess Gloria. But of course naturally it would be after I was ordered to change you back into a human prince. Whereas, Jasmine and I would not even have a fair trial. There does not exist a legal system in our land. We would become imprisoned in the tower and publicly promptly executed!" The fairy godmother anger said.

"I do have an idea about transforming Princess Gloria,"interrupted Jasmine, who felt she was being left out of a two way conversation. She could become changed into a flying broom. You know they kind of brooms witches love to fly around Auroan. Your parents could fly around our land riding Gloria. It would buy us valuable needed time. The crown would be unaware of the guilty parties responsible." "It is much better than she rightfully deserves!" Prince Author shouted. "And since she was changed into a flying broom, the witches would be blamed, "the fairy god mother interrupted. They would understand, some of the witches are personal friends of mine,"she laughed. Her laughter was as musical as a tinkling bell.

It would appear that fate had taken a turnabout in their problems. As she was laughing merrily about Princess Gloria's brain child about turning Princess Gloria into a flying broom. Tabitha was a pretty and young witch with a sunny smile. The witches on Auroan were not evil. But her mother Samantha was one of the royal spies. Her mother liked to keep track of her whereabouts. Tabitha was not a spy and resented her mother's parental interference. "I could not help but overhear your conversations. I do not like Princess Gloria either. It would be my personal pleasure to help all of you out. Maybe some time really soon you could return the favor," Tabitha said pleasantly while flying over their heads. She could disobey Samantha and do her good deed for the day. "My sweet darling mother does not always know best!" Tabitha said softly to herself.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 54/ October Country

January 23, 2019

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