Best Friends Forever Part Two of Friends Series.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


The frog prince Author was transformed into a fairy by Jasmine, a pink fairy. King Henry and Queen Eleanor launch a royal search party for him. His guilty kidnapper was to be imprisoned in the highest tower and executed. The faires become reunited with his fairy godmother.

"There is only way to find out, if she loves me enough to kiss me?"pondered Mr. Green Toad, formally crown Prince Author of the magical kingdom of Auroan. He puckered up his lips and blew Jasmine, the pink fairy a kiss! "She smiled at me! She is rapidly flying towards me! I know I will be safe and warm living with her in her pink flowery garden paradise!"he spoke aloud. "Obviously Mr. Green Toad wants me to kiss him? What will happen if I do? Once upon a time a lovely black princess kissed a frog and also became one! Jasmine said softly to herself. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained!" she quoted the popular folk tale saying. "Here goes nothing!" Jasmine kissed the frog prince. He neither became a human prince, nor did Jasmine become a frog. Jasmine glared at his transformation into a fairy.

Her secret wishes and his were both granted. Jasmine knew what all humans and fairy's knew. Princess Gloria was actively conducting a kingdom wide search for Prince Author. His younger and only brother was still an infant. Prince Charles was only one years old. The rest of his royal siblings were female. Princes Elizabeth, Princess Eleanor, and Princess Charlotte were still in the nursery and not yet old enough to be considered "out."

They were only old enough to attend family and not public formal functions. His parents ordered all the royal knights of the kingdom of Auroan. Royal Heralds in scarlet and gold livery were blowing golden trumpets and loudly proclaiming,"Here ye! Here ye any human or fairy tale creature of the kingdom of Auroan who knowingly withholds the where about of crown Prince Author, shall immediately become imprisoned in the royal tower and executed immediately.

This proclamation is hereby and forthwith signed and sealed by their royal majesties Prince Henry and Queen Eleanor of Auroan!" The royal knights in their glittering Armour, which out shone their sun, were quickly dispatched throughout all of the mythical land of Auroan. Prince Author's fairy god mother, had him transformed into a frog, to protect him from Princes Gloria. Yes Jasmine, the kind pink fairy, kissed the frog prince. Author changed into a male fairy. Thereby they were safe from the wrath of the king and queen. The fairy godmother knew she was the guilty party. By royal proclamation she could be imprisoned in the high tower and promptly executed! She had to find the frog prince and transform him! But the frog prince had disappeared.

"My fairy godmother needs to know our whereabouts," suggested Author. "She is in clear and present danger! We must find and protect her at all costs!" "I agree with you completely,"responded Jasmine promptly. "She is most likely also searching for you as well." Fairies of Auroan also have magical powers. We are able to grant wishes. All we must do is close our eyes and have her appear before us.

"Thank the heavens you have found me!"loudly sobbed his grateful fairy godmother. "The royal knights will not return to the royal castle and palace without their prisoners. They have enlisted the aid of the royal blue and red birds. Their riders are the tiny tree people who live in the trees of the enchanted forest. Their uniforms consists of multi-colored leaves and acorn helmets. They are about three or four inches tall. They are even smaller than fairies and elves.

Love as always, Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 54/ October Country

January 07, 2019

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