Even After Life...

by Caleb Timmins

Once, in a small town in florida, a strange occerunce happened. somehting that cant be explained.day 1:

At weetville high school, sixteen year old roxxane walked down the hall to class, but she suddenly stopped when she saw the new boy in school. she wasnt surprised about the new boy, it was what he was wearing. instead of the short hair that all boys at weetville high school had, it was long, black, and smooth. he wore ripped jeans, and a tight rib T- shirt. She was instantly attracted to this stranger.

As he fumbled with his locker, he glanced at her with pale blue eyes and smiled. she smiled back. he stood up, and walked over to her. "hi" he said in a very gentlemen like voice. " I'm new here, would you be so kind to help me find room 207?" She smiled, that was her room. "yes, thats my room. You like biology?"

he smirked " yeah it's cool" they walked down the hall togehter, making small talk. Then she asked, "whats your name" he looked down at her, by god, was he tall. maybe around six foot six. "my name's kamin,

Whats yours?"


"Nice name, alot better than mine." They entered the class room . they chose seats next to each other, and pulled out their note books. but instead of doing her class work, Roxxane drew pictures of Kamin. She loved how he layed his head on his hand. after class he handed her a note.

she read it,


if you want, do you want to go to the dance tommorow?"

she replied to him, smiling "yeah, o.k." He walked away, gettinf glances from girls, and glares from their jealous boyfriends.

Day 2:

The day of the dance, saturday, Roxxane called all of her cheerleader friends and told them about her date with Kamin. most of their replies were about how jealous they were. but roxxane did not care. she hoped that Kamin, would be her first boyfriend.

That evening, She walked to the school. Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder. it was Kamin.

" Hey roxy, how are you?" He wore ripped jeans, engineer boots, and a shirt that said "liberty jam"

she felt way to casual in her white long sleeve shirt and jeans that cost two hundred dollars.

"hey, a brought you something" he pulled out a small case from his back pocket, she took it in trembling hands, and opened it. she smiled, it was a gold heart neckalace. under the street light they kissed. after a few mintues, they walked together to the school. Roxxane was happy, know she had a boyfriend, a big strong guy who could protect her. Weetville was not a nice place, escpaccily for teeneagers. As they entered the school, loud music poured out. Roxxabne and Kamin danced, laughed, and hug out. At they end of the dance, the student council picked the cutest couple, and roxxane and Kamin were choosen. they both smiled as they recieved a round of appluose. as Kamin walked Roxxane home, they talked about stuff. nothing special. As they reached Roxxane's house,

they hugged and said good night.

Day 3:

on sunday, Roxxane woke up to the phone ringing, it was michelle. she told Roxxane the worst news any girlfriend wants to hear. Kamin was dead. from what Michelle said, a house was on fire, and knowing the fire department would not make it in time, he ran inside and rescued the children while the parents were outside. In the inferno, Kamin pushed the kids out the door, Kamin collapsed of smoke inhalliation. he never made it out alive. Stunned,

Roxxane cried and cried.

Day 4:

the funeral was short, but alot of people should up. All the kids that had seen Kamin were their. teachers, the family of the kids that were their, even the jealous boyfriends came. That night, to clear her head, Roxxane went for a walk. As she walked down a dark street, a dark figure grabbed her and pulled her into the bushes, he ripped the neckalace of her neck. she bit his hand and screamed. suddenly, another dark figure came out of know were, and pulled the man off of Roxxane. the other figure threw the man agianst the wall, and punched and kicked him in the mid section. The man ran. Through the dark, Roxxane thought she had seen a pair of blue eyes look at her, and evaporate into the shadows. She ran home and went to her room. On her bed was the Neckalace and a note.

"roxxane, i would not let him hurt you. i will watch over you from know on."

with everlasting love, Kamin

As she cried, she looked out her window, and thanked her gaurdein angel.

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