by Kayla Cooper

It was as if a weight had been lifted. What felt centuries old, was now gone. A burden she had become so accustomed to supporting, in its lifting, she felt disorientated. Her eyes looked to the sky. A higher power was smiling down at her. Years of worries, lies, scars, tears and anguish were gone. Literally vanished into thin air, she had been reborn. Her eyes now open. Unknown, unfamiliar territory stared back. As much as it was frightful, it was equally full of abundant opportunity. It was finally her time to move forward. No looking back. The hand she had grasped so tightly, for so long, had been released. Freedom was now in her reach. She would not forgive, but forget what once lurked. No more a slave to her controlling, over bearing burdens. Crystal clear was her mind. Weight free was her conscience. She took her first breath of fresh air.

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