The Drone Riders/islands of Enchantment Introduction

by Roxanne Dubarry


The drone riders enter the islands of Enchanment where they escape being made wards of the state.

Divorce. It is an ugly word when two people no longer love each other. When a man and his width value their freedom more than each other and their children. Relatives. They had their own families. They did not want any additional responsibilities. Foster homes. They wanted to have the state take care of their grandchildren, nieces and nephews. What about the children? Where are the children and what are they doing? Drones. They range from the simple child's toys to the sophisticated drones used by the United States military.

Miniaturization. It's what the scientific and comic strip worlds focus on. From honey I first shrunk and then enlarged the children. Mad scientists can invent all types of experiments. Get bit by a radio active spider and become transformed into Spider man.

The Davis children knew about what their parents plans for their own future. Love. What does love have to do with anything? They continued to love their children. They just could not either live with or what out them. Sometimes families get separated by the state even though they try and keep them together.

Jonathan Davis, Jon for short told his younger siblings. "What ever happens kids, we have got to keep together." "How can it be possible? Mom and dad made us wards of the state. 'Cause we all just happen to be under 18. Life sure isn't fair?" Ted exploded angrily. He always had to have a reason to express his anger and frustration. He also was very good with his hands at constructing things. He had received for his sixteenth birthday instructions for assembling a do it yourself drone kit.

It resembled a miniature space ship without all of the technological functions. It provided living quarters, and all the basic necessities of life. There were a few problems however. When it was completely assembled, it was only suitable for miniature people, such as children's dolls. In order for the four of them to fit inside the drone ship, they would have be reduced in size.

Laser beams were usually used for miniaturization. The problem was they did not have a laser beam. Remember Alice in Wonderland? Some pills madder her larger and some pills made her small. But Alice was always the right size for the circumstances she found herself in Alice and Wonderland. Accidents can happen. Take examples from the world of Disney, an invisible older sister, and parents who became rapidly younger.

At age sixteen, Ted was the oldest Davis sibling. But Jon at age fourteen and a half was the leader, because he was more responsible. Janet age twelve and Judy age ten looked to Jon for guidance, but looked to Ted for action. Once they took the magical small blue pills they instantly became smaller. Jon instructed them, "Do not take these pills until we are standing on the work table where our drone is." "It sounds like a good idea, Jon but what happens to us next? questioned Judy. Judy had a question mark for her unofficial middle name. It was well earned, because she was an inquisitive young girl.

But it was Janet, not Jon who responded to Judy's question. "When I was your age Judy, I read a magical book about the Islands of Enchantment. It tells about a wonderful land especially made for unwanted children. The drone Ted made for us is the only way we can manage to get there."

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 54/ October Country

November 19, 2018

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