Mike and Me 2

by Adventure Wynn

"Momma said knock you out!"

About 1986 Mike and me were driving in Parkersburg, WV. We went to the 'Be Happy Shop' to retrieve some Humphrey Davy Cylinders.

We cranked the Misfits and parked somewhere to toast Professor Davy. Sitting back and giggling like 18th Century explorers on the frontiers of science I mentioned to Mike, "Hey man, Mickey picked up a club and said, 'Your brother could use this in one of his gang fights..'" Which caused us to manifest our pleasures by vociferating.

Mike in the driver's seat suddenly took on a focused look of seriousness that I had witnessed many times in the past and I knew I was about to learn something important. Suddenly he backhands me in the chest as fast as he could but instead of hitting my chest he hit me directly in the bottom jaw as I was laughing knocking me unconscious. That is the point were someone else will have to pick up the narrative.

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