The Curse of the 27 Club

by Adventure Wynn

A number of famous rockers have passed away at 27. The accumulative mystique of this group distracts. For future generations, the lesson of the 27 club is lost when people always refer to these rock stars a 'real partiers'.

The uninitiated 'party' through their youth often putting it down when they enter adulthood. These sacrificial types never put that behavior down. Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison partied like children, they died like we all lived once, complete novices.

Phenomenal cultural contributions all, but their actual life lesson to be passed on is that the human vessel cant sustain that abuse. Apparently the expiration date of our youth is set at 27.

When i was a kid I loved Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix. I knew they were hardcore rockstars. They had mythical partier status. Now with years of experience I see the real hardcore ones are still at it decades later going to work everyday and raising kids while maintaining that lifestyle. Those are the hardcore ones.

With years of experience seperating me and 27... looking back on the 27 club and thinking about the years they never lived through, it certainly gives a whole new perspective. You clearly see through unobstructed skies, the peaks that never appeared to them. Like youre orbiting some ethereal sphere and you are glimpsing the Earthrise for the first time.

They are all there shoulder to shoulder, waiting with their faces skyward. Theres a whole expanse of people including friends and relatives in this position that can't see you. But from your altitude you see them all at a glance from horizon to horizon. You can see them in living memory but they are blind and dumb to this world.

Seeing the 27 club at this altitude one cant help but recognize the same thread of wreckless youthful ignorance running across all their stories. From this vantage point across time I recognize the voracious indulgence that took their lives as less of a choice and ironically more of a lack of creativity.

This sphere of faces gazing up thru the obscure distance, they who thought outside the box seem to have spent their energies all on their youth and when the more advanced questions of life were asked, appeared speechless. At some point complacency replaced creativity as an alternative and their youth expired along with them.

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