Dani at the Clinic - Part 2

by Dani Harris


A further episode in poor Dani's visit to the private clinic where his wife and his Doctor hope that they will cure of him his nasty habit of masturbating every morning into his bed sheets.

A further episode in poor Dani's visit to the private clinic where his wife and his Doctor hope that they will cure of him his nasty habit of masturbating every morning into his bed sheets.

We continued walking along the clinic corridor to my appointment with the doctor. Hand in hand, Mandy's fingers occasionally brushing my upper thigh. As a result my erection persisted and was making every attempt to push the short clinical gown out of the way. We hadn't gone very far when two members of staff entered the corridor and started to walk towards us. I involuntarily squeezed Mandy's hand as they approached. The two women were older than Mandy, although that wasn't particularly difficult. They were both in their thirties I would guess and wearing the usual white shoes and dress. Both of them though wore their dresses long, one to the knee and the other to almost mid-calf. They both noticed Mandy and I at about the same time and then looked at me. They spoke to Mandy as we drew level with them.

"Hi Mandy, who's this attractive gentlemen then?" the slightly older of the two asked.

"Hello, Di, this is Dani. He's come to see the doctor, I've been assigned as his chaperone for the day."

"He might need a chaperone if you make a habit of parading him around like that," the other woman added. Both were obviously looking at me rather than at Mandy whilst talking to her.

"Has he got anything on under there?" the one called Di asked.

"Nope, that's how he arrived at the clinic. Nothing to do with me." Mandy smiled as she spoke.

"Ooh, what, not even underwear?" the second woman was even more interested as she tried to peer around us to see my backside.

"Nope, naked as the day he was born apart from the gown." Mandy was clearly enjoying herself now.

"Lucky you then. He's got a fit body by the looks of it." All three women seemed happy to discuss me without talking to me directly.

"Very fit, every inch of it." Mandy responded. "Would you like to see? In the interests of medical education obviously," she added quickly as I squeezed her hand even harder.

"Well only in the interests of medical education of course," Di agreed. Mandy pulled on my arm twisting me towards her, the result was to turn my back fully towards the two women. I heard a sharp intake of breath as they took in the sight of my naked buttocks which the gown failed to cover.

"Nice buns."

"Very nice, um muscle tone." Then I felt a hand on my bum cheek.

"Ooh Ally, you have to feel this. Such good muscle definition." I was being handled and discussed like a piece of meat. Whilst it was embarrassing, the touch of a female hand on my bum was also stimulating. Then there was another hand. Both my buttocks were being stroked by the pair of women. After being groped in the toilets and with Mandy's hands occasionally rubbing my thigh as we were walking I was still quite turned on and this renewed attention was sufficient for my erection to stiffen up completely. Of course the gown had no chance now and it rose again with my throbbing member. Stood as I was, facing Mandy she noticed the effect immediately and smiled.

"Looks like Dani appreciates whatever you're doing to him back there," she announced.

"Oh?" came two quick replies. Before I could react Mandy spun me back round to face the two women, as I turned their hands left my bum but the closeness of the contact continued. Two hands were dragged across my hip and bumped against my hard cock. Two pairs of eyes were immediately drawn down and lit up as they saw my erection bobbing in front of them. Ally reacted the quickest of the two and grabbed hold of my penis.

"Pleased to meet you, Dani," she laughed as she shook hands with my stiff shaft.

"Ooh it does look like he's pleased to meet us," Di agreed. She tried to join in but Ally had her whole hand wrapped around me and was pumping up and down as though completing a fake handshake. Di found it difficult to grab a hold.

"Come on, Ally, don't keep him all to yourself. I'd like to introduce myself to Dani too."

"Sorry, you'll have to wait your turn. So, Dani, we don't get many men in the clinic, what brings you here?"

"Oh god," I thought, as if it wasn't embarrassing enough to be standing effectively naked in the middle of this corridor and to have two women trying to rub my cock, now I had to try and explain why I was here. Could I really tell them that my GP had sent me here because my wife had complained that I masturbated in the bed every day and made her sheets a mess? I shifted my weight from one foot to another as I pondered how best to answer. I wasn't even sure if Mandy knew the reason I thought to myself. I hadn't read the form that Nurse Judy had filled in. I knew that my Doctor had phoned through directly to the clinic and spoken to the head consultant but that was all. Was my problem already public knowledge here? Mandy seemed to realise my hesitancy and stepped in.

"Oh, don't you know he's part of the new research project that Doctor Small is heading up. He'll be a proper celebrity you know if the research is effective. Anyway, ladies, I have to get Dani to Dr Small now, so if you've finished with him, we'd best be on our way." The pair of women were both curious about the research and disappointed that their time was being cut short, but Mandy started forward and pulled me with her. I thanked her for her tact.

"Thank's for that Mandy. I really didn't know what to say."

"I only told the truth. I have no idea why you're really here other than Dr Small is going to pilot some new treatment." We stopped again, but this time we were next to a door with the doctor's name tag on it. Mandy knocked, and a female voice from within called us to enter. Once inside the room, it was clear it was just an ordinary consulting room. A large window opened out onto what appeared to be an inner courtyard of the clinic. Outside a few staff and what must have been patients in towelling bath robes were walking from one side of the space to another. Dr Small was sat behind a fairly large desk opposite the door and she stood as we entered, holding out her hand to me.

"Welcome Mr Harris, I'm Doctor Small, this, is my assistant Nurse James." She introduced a petite redhead who had been standing by the window and we all shook hands.

"Please have a seat Mr Harris," then she addressed Mandy.

"You can stay if you like, Mandy, as the research is confidential I'd like to keep as few people as possible knowing too much about it. That is, if you want to." Mandy didn't seem to need much convincing and quickly agreed to stay, taking up position standing next to my chair. I sat down and tugged at my gown as I wriggled to get comfortable, the soft tissue of the chair was at least warm on my bare buttocks. My cock was still half erect but seemed like it might actually go down if I tried to ignore it. I pulled the hem of the gown over it as Doctor Small, began talking.

"First is it alright if I address you as Dani?" I nodded my approval and she continued, "thank you, Dani. Now I had a brief chat with your GP, Dr Andersson who explained your problem to me. If I've got any of the details wrong then please let me know." Mandy's ears began to prick up as she realised she would now get to find out why I was here. "I'm told your wife has complained about your masturbation habits. Is that right?" I squirmed and lowered my head as I replied.

"Yes Doctor."

"So perhaps you can tell me in your own words more about that?" Oh gosh, I was going to have to admit to three women that I wanked.

"Oh, er," I stammered before even beginning. Mandy took hold of my hand to give some encouragement. "Well I masturbate each morning," there I had said it. I felt ashamed but I'd had to admit my little habit finally. The Doctor made notes and prompted me with questions.

"You do this every day?" I nodded. "Every day without fail?" I nodded again. "Really, Dani, there's nothing to be ashamed of, it's a perfectly normal activity, especially for men. Do you ever masturbate more frequently?"

"More frequently?" I asked.

"Yes. Do you feel the urge to do it at other times of the day?"

"N no, not usually."

"And during the day, is it easy to get erections?" I could feel my face blush as she asked this. Mandy gave my hand a squeeze. She already knew the answer to this one.

"Usually, yes." Mandy then handed over my paperwork adding, "Dani's measurements are all on here, Doctor, I verified them myself and confirmed that he was able to obtain an erection." If the Doctor was surprised by her comments she didn't show it.

"Well done, Mandy, that's good initiative. Dani, are there days when you do masturbate more than just in the morning?"

"Well, um, I guess so." I was thinking of today and my journey in Nurse Judy's car.

"I see, good, so how many times have you cum today?" Oops, I had to count quickly. Obviously I had this morning in bed. Then I'd had sex with Andrea at the surgery, I still couldn't believe that had happened. Thanks to Nurse Judy's liberal dose of Viagra spray I'd still been erect after Andrea had been completely satisfied. Then I'd had to finish off in Nurse Judy's car and ended up getting my first gown completely soaked. Three times already today. Even for me that was more than normal, but what was Dr Small going to think?

"Er. Three times, Doctor," I almost whispered. The doctor and her assistant looked mildly surprised at that.

"Three times, Dani? That's um, impressive, especially for a man of your age. No offence," she quickly added. I was still the oldest in the room I estimated the Doctor at mid forties and Nurse James as being in her early thirties or maybe late twenties. She was taking a distinct interest in the conversation now and had moved from the window to stand next to the Doctor. Her position gave her an excellent view straight down into my lap. My fingers fidgeted with the end of the robe to ensure I was covered.

"Um, yes, three times today, Doctor." I finally managed to answer.

"And, Dani, would you say that your volume was normal each time?"

"My volume, Doctor?" I looked confused. "Yes, the volume of your ejaculate. The amount of sperm your produced each time, was it normal?"

"Um I'm not really sure what normal is, Doctor." It seemed to me that the Doctor was taking much too much interest.

"Well, was it the same amount each time, Dani?" she wasn't going to give up on her line of questioning. To be honest I didn't know. I mean my early morning spurt was just a habit and I never really paid it much attention. The second time had been inside Andrea so I had no idea how much I'd shot into her. I remember both of us dribbling all over the floor before Nurse Judy had returned so I guess it was a fairly big load. The last time had been in Nurse Judy's car and judging by how wet my gown had been after cleaning myself and Judy's car seat up that had been fairly substantial too.

"I think so, Doctor," was all I could manage.

"Ok, nurse, make a note to check the volumes of his samples. We need to have better data on that." Samples? Of course they would need samples wouldn't they? Up until now I hadn't really thought about what was going to happen to me here. I suppose I'd thought that the doctor would just give me some advice on not wetting the bed each morning and I'd be on my way. It seemed though that there was going to be more to it than that. Doctor Small now noticed my fingers tugging at my gown to keep myself covered up.

"Dani, you seem to be embarrassed sitting there. There's no need to be you know. We're all professionals in this room, even Mandy here is a very professional chaperone at the clinic. We might be women but we've all seen plenty of male bodies before, I'm sure you haven't got anything that none of us have seen before." I was thinking of earlier, Mandy had said she was a true professional and resisted the urge to hold my cock too long, but then she had deliberately exposed me to her two colleagues Di and Ally in the corridor. Mandy must have read my thoughts and gave my hand another squeeze. She needn't have worried though, I wasn't going to get her into trouble, I needed all the friendliness I could get at the moment as I felt completely out of my comfort zone. Nurse James simply nodded in agreement with the Doctor before finally speaking.

"It's ok, Dani, like the Doctor said we all know what the male body looks like, and from what I see yours is nothing to be ashamed of. Do you work out?" Her voice was calm and her question seemed natural and casual, but I still caught the glint in her eye when she noticed my cock give a little twitch.

"Yes sort of, I run and cycle regularly."

"That's good, Dani," Doctor Small acknowledged, "exercise is an important part of everyone's daily routine. Now stand up for me and let's have a look at you." With an encouraging pull on my arm from Mandy I stood up in front of the doctor. There I froze. Then I lowered my hands to the hem of my gown but that was it. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't pull it up in front of them. I mean, I was beginning to lose count of how many women had seen me naked today but even so I just couldn't do it. My cock was loving the attention but my brain was screaming embarrassment.

"Come along, Dani," the doctor encouraged me, "don't be shy."

"Shall I help, Doctor?" asked Nurse James, who eagerly stepped forward now to stand on the opposite side of me to Mandy.

"Yes, I think you will have to nurse," confirmed Doctor Small. A huge smile sat on the nurse's face as she tugged one side of the gown and spoke to Mandy.

"Lift the other side with me, Mandy, let's see what Dani is hiding under here." Mandy of course did as she was told and quickly the two of them lifted the gown up to my chin. Nurse James grinned as she saw my stiff cock suddenly uncovered and pointing upwards. The Doctor however had a different reaction.

"Oh, Mandy, you didn't get him cleaned up first." Oh no I thought, she could still see traces of my cum. I hadn't had a chance to wash it all off since I got here. Then Mandy spoke.

"I'm sorry Doctor, I didn't think. I guess I didn't really notice, I mean he's hairy but I sort of expected it. If you see what I mean."

"It's fine, Mandy, you wouldn't know what examinations Dani needs. It's not really your fault. Can you arrange for him to get defuzzed though and then bring him back to us?"

"Of course, Doctor, I'm really sorry."

"Don't worry. So, Dani, Mandy's going to take you to get rid of all that hair you have down there. Now, I know this is all a little bit uncomfortable for you, but I assure you we are all quite professional. You need to get over the shyness though if we're to help you overcome your bed wetting problem. Do you understand?" I was in shock now, clean up she had said, yet now she was talking about hair removal. Did I need my balls shaved? Where was this going? And of course I was shy, until today only my wife had ever seen me naked, and that was going back years. Now I'd had more exposure in a single day than in my entire life and this doctor thought I should take that in my stride. I half nodded to the Doctor and willed the two women to let go of my gown so I might have some cover again. The Doctor once again assumed control.

"Ok, Mandy you know what to do and I'll leave it to you to try and get Dani more relaxed." With that we were dismissed and Mandy led me out of the consulting room and back into the corridor.

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