Dani at the Clinic - Pt 1

by Dani Harris


This is a continuation of the Dani at the Doctor's story and takes off where that finished. Dani has been referred to a private clinic by his Doctor to prevent him from masturbating into his bedsheets every morning, something that drives his wife mad.

This is a continuation of the Dani at the Doctor's story and takes off where that finished. Dani has been referred to a private clinic by his Doctor to prevent him from masturbating into his bedsheets every morning, something that drives his wife mad.

Dressed only in the extremely short hospital gown I sat in the waiting area of the clinic. The cold plastic of the chair seat was starting to stick to my bare buttocks. My hands were folded in my lap constantly trying to pull the gown onto my thighs despite its own desire to ride up to my groin and flash my genitals at all and sundry. Luckily my audience was limited to the girl on reception who had gone back to typing on her keyboard, only occasionally glancing my way, and another patient, a middle aged woman sat next to me. The longer I sat there though the more I needed to pee, although I was trying not to think about it. Finally a girl entered the reception and called out, "Dani Harris?"

I waved my hand in response and she walked over to where I sat. She looked about fifteen and I was acutely embarrassed to be sitting there in such a state of undress. She had long dark, almost black hair pulled into a ponytail. Of course she wore the clinic uniform of white shoes and dress. I noted her dress seemed a little shorter than that of the receptionist that came below her knees. This young girl's dress just about came to mid thigh. It was still longer than my gown I thought as I sat there appraising here. She held out a hand as she arrived next to me.

"Hi, I'm Amanda, but please call me Mandy, everyone does. Is it ok if I call you Dani? Or would you prefer Mr Harris?"

"Oh, er, Dani is fine." I stood and shook hands with her. Even in my bare feet I was nearly a head taller than her, she let go of my hand and turned away.

"If you'd like to follow me then, Dani, we'll get you started." It seemed that it was quite normal for her to greet new patients already wearing their gowns. I glanced at the woman who had been sat next to me and although we hadn't spoken she raised her face to mine and smiled as I walked past. I could feel her eyes burning into my bare bum cheeks as I caught up with Mandy. As we passed through the door that led onto a long corridor she glanced back at me and spoke again.

"Well at least I won't have to find you a gown," she smiled as she looked me over for perhaps the first time.

"Um, no, the young lady on reception kindly gave me this one."

"What happened to your clothes?" she asked. I tried to explain my day to her while we continued walking along the corridor. I explained how I'd gone for a routine doctor's visit with my wife and ended up in a private clinic with no clothes. It wasn't even lunch time yet and I couldn't wait for the day to be over. Of course I missed out some of the detail of Nurse Judy using a viagra spray on me and the resulting interest shown to me by one of the patients there. I did explain that my clothes had been left behind in the surgery and that I'd been driven over here by one of the nurses wearing just one of the surgery's gowns.

"Wow, that's so cool. What was it like being driven around like that?"

"Scary," I admitted. "And it's not much better having to walk around here like that."

"Really? Why not? We're mainly a beauty clinic here, so we often have clients walking around in a clinical gown or dressing gown."

"Yes but this gown isn't covering much is it?" "Oh it's ok. Nothing is on show you know. Well except for your arse, but that's rather cute. You have a fit body you know."

"Ha, thanks, I'll take the compliment. Are you sure that nothing else is on show though? It feels like any instant my entire jewel collection is going to be on display, so to speak." We stopped walking as Mandy turned to get another view of me.

"Nope, your jewels are not on display, stop worrying about it. Those gowns were designed to cover you, not expose you."

"Ok, Mandy. I guess I'll have to believe you. By the way, is there a gent's I can use. I'm nearly bursting for a pee."

"Oh right. Sure let's get you sorted." We took a left turn off the corridor and stopped outside a door marked "Toilet".

"Wait there a second," she advised and then entered the room, I heard muffled voices inside and then Mandy stepped back out.

"We're good, there's a couple of ladies in there, but they said they were almost finished and didn't mind you coming in."

"Oh, it's unisex?"

"Sort of. We actually don't get men to the beauty clinic you know, so there aren't separate facilities. But they're cool with it." Mandy didn't seem to think that I might not be cool with it, as she reopened the door for me to enter. With little choice and a full bladder I walked into a small toilet. There were two stalls on the opposite wall and a couple of sinks next to the door. Two women stood there washing their hands and looked up as we entered.

"Hi," they both said smiling and with a little gleam in their eyes.

"This is Dani," Mandy introduced me and then spoke to me.

"Take your pick." I must have looked confused as I looked from one woman to another and then back to Mandy.

"My pick?"

"Yes, both stalls are empty, so you can take your pick of either. I felt a complete idiot as I dived into the first cubicle and lifted the seat. I was in full flow when I heard Mandy behind me.

"Ha, you were in a hurry, you didn't even lock the door behind you." I blushed and half turned to see the three of them watching me urinate into the bowl.

"Careful," called out one of them. "Watch where you're pointing that thing." Both women erupted into laughter as I turned back to adjust my aim.

"Want a hand with it?" the comments continued until finally my bladder was empty and I shook the last drops free. I flushed then turned and walked out of the cubicle to the sink. Mandy was leant against the wall whereas the two women were stood either side of a sink bowl watching me approach. I had to squeeze between them to get to the taps and had begun to wash my hands when I felt a hand on my bum.

"Yep, real nice arse," commented the tall blonde to my left, "as she gave my cheeks a hard pinch."

"Ow," I squealed involuntarily. She hadn't hurt that much but had caught me by surprise.

"It's not his arse, I'm interested in," giggled the shorter woman to my right. As she spoke, she slid her hand under the front of my gown and made a grab for me. With the blonde's hand behind me I couldn't step back, my hands were covered in soap and so there was little I could do to stop the short brunette. I felt her hand make contact with the top of my thigh and slide up to my groin. Her fingers instantly closed around my penis which in view of the exercise it had already had that day remained quite soft. When I failed to react to her touch she gave it a few quick pumps sending the bottom of the gown flying up and down.

"What's the matter, love," she seemed disappointed at my lack of reaction.

"Ooh you're not gay are you?"

"Uh no," I gasped as her hand tightened further around my shaft. My penis twitched as the stimulating messages reached my brain. I felt myself thicken in her grasp as she continued a couple of more pumps.

"Ah that's better," she said as she felt my erection grow.

"Let's see then," the blonde realised her friend had the better deal as she slid her own hand from my bum to the front. Unable to get a grip on my shaft she grabbed my balls and squeezed. Mandy finally reacted to the situation.

"Oh come on ladies, leave Dani alone."

"Don't worry, we were only having a bit of fun," the brunette responded, her fingers still dripping my now erect cock. The blonde was watching her friends finger movements.

"Looks like he's enjoying it too." Mandy though put on her most professional pose and ushered the two of them out of the room before asking me if I was ok.

"Yeah, I guess, so." My erection hadn't subsided when the two women left and now the gown was nowhere near covering it up. Instead my body was intent on pushing the gown up and out of the way as if enjoying its new-found thrill at exposure.

"Well at least I can see what you were hiding," Mandy tried a joke. "And I like what I'm seeing too. Come on let's go and get you registered."

"How can I walk out like this?" I gestured to my cock that was bobbing its head at Mandy as we spoke.

"Just ignore it, I'm sure it'll go down soon enough. In my experience they don't stay up for very long."

"But what'll people think?"

"Probably the same as those two ladies that just left, they'll wish they could play with it but at least it'll brighten up their day."

"Is that what you're thinking?" I was half joking not really thinking that this tiny, young girl would have any interest in a guy old enough to be her father. But she surprised me.

"Busted," she admitted. "I'd love to play with it, but you're my client and I'm nothing if not professional." She grabbed my hand and guided me back out into the corridor. She continued to hold my hand as we walked, my erection still poking its way ahead despite my efforts to cover it with the gown. In the end I used my free hand until Mandy noticed.

"I'd stop that if I was you," she said, albeit with a huge grin. "It looks like you're the one playing with it." My face must have reddened considerably and I let go as she continued. "Besides, you're just making me jealous."

"How so?"

"Because I can't play with it."

"I don't see why you'd want to." I bit the bullet and added, "I'm old enough to be your father after all."

"I don't see what that has to do with it, and I'm old enough to know what a nice cock looks like when I see one."

"You don't look a day over 15." "Ha, the treatments really do work here then, staff perks. Try nineteen going on twenty. I started work here when I left school at sixteen and that was over three years ago."

"Ok so you are older than you look, but I'm still old enough to be your father."

"And I told you that that's irrelevant. Right, here we are, let's get you registered." We had arrived at a small alcove half way down the first long corridor leading out from reception. In it was a little table jutting out from the wall with a screen and keyboard and two chairs, one on either side. Mandy took the chair facing the screen and pointed to the one opposite her.

"Welcome to my office, Mr Harris. Please sit down." I did as instructed and Mandy began to go through my registration form that Nurse Judy had filled in that morning in the surgery. Mandy was certainly thorough in her work, she double checked each my responses on the form. The small table made for close contact and more than once I felt Mandy's leg swinging under the table. It seemed accidental enough at first, her legs were crossed and the topmost leg was swinging on the bottom one. From time to time as she swung her foot would brush against my leg. Then she stopped and shifted position on her own chair as she wrote on the form. I felt her foot caress my calf and slide between my thighs. She only stopped when it was pressed lightly against my balls where she rested her foot. It didn't take long for my erection to return to full mast, finally Mandy completed her questioning and then pulled out some scales from somewhere behind her.

"We'll check your measurements now," she announced. "Stand up." She removed her foot and as I stood her eyes lit up as she saw my renewed hard-on pointing towards her face. I stood on the scales and she squatted down to read them, her face only inches away from my bobbing cock. I could feel her breath on my exposed skin and my rod hardened even further, standing completely to attention. Surely it was an accident that when she stood up her cheek and lips brushed my cock. She stood in front of me and took a tape measure from a pocket in her dress. Now she grasped hold of my hard cock and lined the measure up with it.

"At least it will be easy to get an erect measurement," she winked. I flinched at the memory of Nurse Judy having difficulty getting that done earlier. Mandy had finished with her measurements but didn't let go of my dick.

"Seems it might take a while to verify the soft length. Looks like I'll have to finish that later. Now you're all booked in we'd better get you to the Doctor's so you can be assessed." I stepped off the scales and Mandy finally let go of my erection, but instead of leading the way she took my hand and we walked along the corridor side by side. After a few steps she stopped and adjusted my gown. "I suppose I'd better make some attempt to preserve your modesty," she giggled. "Although I'd prefer it out on show." We continued walking along the clinic corridor to my appointment with the doctor. Hand in hand, Mandy's fingers occasionally brushing my upper thigh. As a result my erection persisted and was making every attempt to push the short clinical gown out of the way.

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