Dani at the Doctor's - Part 3

by Dani Harris


Here's the next episode of Dani's adventure. He's left the doctor's surgery and about to arrive at the clinic in just a hospital gown.

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Dani x

The end of the short gown flapped in the breeze and I struggled with one hand to keep it closed around my bum. I was starting to feel distinctly uneasy as it hit home that I was walking outside almost naked and a long way from the safety of my clothes.

The nurse seemed to notice my unease and gave my hand a little squeeze as I continued to grasp at the fluttering edges of the gown, the front of which was now sticking to the tops of my thighs, still damp from being used as a towel in the car to wipe up my ejaculation.

We climbed the steps together and Nurse Judy pushed the large wooden front door open. Inside was a reception area with a bored looking girl tapping at a computer keyboard on a wide wooden desk. She looked up as we entered and her bored look immediately became more interested.

"Can I help you?" she asked trying not stare at me. Two women that I had not immediately noticed were sat on chairs placed on the side of the room against the wall. They both raised their heads out of their magazines when they heard the girl speak. Of course, I was much more interesting than their glossy mags and they watched the scene unroll, hardly believing their eyes. It was Nurse Judy that answered the receptionist's question.

"Hello, I'm Nurse Judy, I phoned earlier and was asked to bring Mr Harris in immediately."

"Oh yeah, I remember, we're expecting you Mr. Harris." She was still staring at my state of undress. "Sorry, I didn't expect you to be dressed in a gown."

"Sorry," continued the nurse, "that's my fault, he was already wearing it, and it seemed pointless him changing out of it if you were going to put him in one when he got here." My audience of two found no interest in their magazine articles now.

"Well that makes sense, I guess, although it doesn't look very clean." The girl had noticed the gown sticking to the tops of my thighs where it was still noticeably wet.

"Yes, Mr Harris, had a little accident on the way here." Nurse Judy seemed intent on completely embarrassing me I thought.

"No problem, I'll get him a clean one. In the meantime, Mr Harris, would you mind filling in this registration form?" She handed me a clipboard with a short paper form on it asking for the usual personal details.

"I completed much of this before we came," Nurse Judy stepped in trying to be helpful and handed the receptionist the paperwork that she had completed at the surgery. "I also took his measurements as requested."

"That's great, I'll just get him a clean gown, why don't you take a seat a moment?" She indicated the row of chairs where my little audience sat, realising they were now the focus of our attention both women resumed reading the article in front of them, but it was clear they were still watching to see what would unfold. The girl stood up her white shoes clicked across the tiled floor as she went off to find a gown. Nurse Judy took my hand again and led me over to the chairs where she promptly sat down leaving a space for me between her and the first of the two waiting women. I sat too, of course my gown rode up to the top of my thigh as I sat and the plastic seat of the chair was cold on my bare buttocks. I tugged at the hem of the gown, trying to pull it back down my thighs but it wouldn't budge, at least having only just cum in the car my cock was all shrivelled and stayed hidden.

Within moments the girl returned her white uniform dress swishing as she approached holding a hospital gown in her hands.

"I'm afraid this was all I could find, we don't seem to have anything mansize."

"Oh, don't worry I had the same problem too," Nurse Judy answered. "Stand up then, Dani, let's get this wet gown off you." I couldn't believe she was going to strip me in the reception area, and I don't think the two other patients did either. Both had completely abandoned their magazines now though and they stared as Nurse Judy dragged me to my feet and turned me round so that my back was to her and I faced the two ladies. Quickly Nurse Judy undid the remaining ties at my back and the gown slipped quickly to the floor. I gasped as my nakedness hit me and the two women smiled as they took in my nude form. Before I could drop my hands to cover myself though, the receptionist opened up the gown in her hands and started to place my arms through the holes. The fabric dropped against my body, at least giving me some cover and her and the nurse set about tying it up behind me. It wasn't any longer than the short one Nurse Judy had provided me, but at least it was clean.

"There you go, Mr Harris, all clean again," the receptionist beamed at me as I retook my seat. "If you could just wait there I'll let them know you are ready and we'll soon get you seen."

I rather thought that I'd been seen enough, but decided not to say anything. Nurse Judy though didn't sit back down.

"Well it looks like you're being taken good care of then, Dani. I really need to get back to work, so I'll leave you here in good hands, I'm sure."

"Oh, yes nurse, Mr Harris will be fine with us. Don't let us keep you."

At that Nurse Judy gave me a smile and a wave and marched out of the door. My heart jumped as I realised that she was the last link I had to my own clothes. The receptionist turned on her heels and sauntered back to her desk whilst the two women continued to stare at the bottom of my gown, not quite believing what they had just witnessed. I squirmed in my seat, the cold plastic uncomfortable on my bare bum cheeks. The gown continued to rise up my legs and I was constantly tugging on it. I almost thought that I would feel less naked if I was naked. The only saving grace was that thanks to Nurse Judy and her instructions in the car I wasn't getting aroused as my cock was still in recovery mode. I was getting worried though that recovery might speed up if I was left in such a vulnerable position for long. Both women had stopped blatantly staring at me though, however, it was obvious that they continued to sneak sideways glances when they thought I wouldn't notice. To cap it all off I was starting to feel like I needed a pee. To relieve that though would mean walking across the room and ask for directions and I wasn't ready to expose myself again just yet. Instead I waited. After ten minutes or so another young girl arrived in reception also wearing what must have been the regulation clinic uniform of white shoes and short white dress. She glanced at me and then gave me a harder look but said nothing as she approached her client, one of the women waiting and then escorted her away for some beauty treatment it seemed. She appeared quite disappointed to leave.

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