Life of John Mccain Reduced

by Adventure Wynn

The problem with the total brushing over of John McCain's time as a POW is that instead of a human life of extreme failure and redemption, that we all need to believe is possible, America is left with a two dimensional statesman/war hero... Soon to be a building or polished marble statue to stand alongside Washington.

Instead of a real story of a pampered rich kid failing to do his "duty" and graduating at the bottom of his class, failing to live up to societies expectations, failing his family and his country. Through a Chappaquidick sized second chance, McCain was allowed to become a great contributing member of society. Is there a lesson here?

The real story of John McCain sounds like something from the Bhagavadgita or something but all we will be left with is a marble statue to touch and aspire to emulate.

Airbrushing history doesnt help us. I fear John McCain is destined to become a propaganda tool just like when he was a POW.

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