Dani at the Doctor's

by Dani Harris


The start of a naughty tale that begins when Dani's wife takes him to visit the family doctor. What follows is the beginning of an entertaining, sometimes funny, often arousing adventure. It seems Dani has no say in what will happen in the future.

"Hello Doctor," my wife smiled as we entered the Doctor's consulting room. I wasn't really sure why she had asked me to accompany her, that was a first in all our married years. I was though pleasantly surprised to meet the family Doctor, a slim, blond woman in her mid thirties I guessed. Her blue, grey eyes glinted as the sun poured through the window. No white coat for Dr. Andersson either I noted, instead a classic white blouse, buttoned sufficiently to keep her D cups in place.

Dr. Andersson stood and shook hands with my wife as I entered behind her and closed the door.

"Nice to see you again, Mrs Harris, and is this your Husband, Dani?" she pointed at me as I stepped towards her. The Doctor wore a black skirt that didn't even reach to mid thigh and revealed a pair of very toned and tanned legs.

"Yes, Doctor. This is my husband."

I shook hands with the Doctor and she indicated chairs for my wife and I to sit down. Once we were seated she sat down at her desk and addressed my wife.

"So what can I do to help, Mrs Harris?"

"Well actually Doctor, it's more for my husband." I looked at her surprised. What was wrong with me? As far as I knew I was healthy.

"Oh, I see, and what's wrong with you Mr Harris?"

"Well it's a little delicate, Doctor," my wife continued before I had a chance to tell the Doctor that there was nothing wrong with me and my wife must have made some sort of mistake.

"Take your time, Mrs Harris. When you're ready."

"Well, Doctor, it's to do with leakage." Dr. Andersson leant forward on her elbows, exposing a little more cleavage.

"Leakage, Mrs Harris?"

"Yes, every morning it's the same. Stained sheets, a wet patch, after 25 years of marriage I'm afraid I'm just fed up with his sticky mess each day. Can't something be done about it?"

"I see, can I just clarify something though, Mr Harris, are we talking about urinal incontinence here?" I was becoming increasingly uneasy with this conversation, particularly as so far I had yet to have a chance to contribute. Once again though my wife butted in.

"Oh no, Doctor, it's not urine. It's his sticky goo that he lets out over the bed each morning."

"Got it. Mr Harris, are you masturbating each day? Or is this natural leakage?"

"Masturbation," I murmured. My wife looked at me disgusted.

"Every day?" was all that the Doctor asked.

"Err yes usually, each morning when I wake up. Is that a problem, Doctor?"

"No, no, not a problem, just a little unusual. Normally as the male gets older, sexual urges decline. It's actually quite impressive that at, what 50 years old, you are still producing every day."

"Well I think it's disgusting, Doctor," my wife butted in again, "there's nothing impressive about his sticky mess on my sheets every day. What can you do to stop him?"

"I'm not sure what can be done, Mrs Harris. First though, Mr Harris I'd like to check a few things. Can you undress to your underwear please?"

I must have looked a little shocked as I didn't move.

"Well come along Dani, I'm sure the Doctor doesn't have all day to wait for you to undress." My wife was getting impatient it seemed. Now although, as the Doctor indicated I am 50 years old, I like to keep in good physical shape. I regularly run 10km and there's no fat on me at all. Still undressing to my underwear in front of two women was not a common experience of mine. Although one was my wife we hadn't exactly been intimate for years and I still think this is what pushed me into such regular masturbation. The Doctor though was looking expectantly at me and so I removed my shoes and socks, then my pullover. Next came my shirt and finally my trousers. I folded them all neatly on the chair I had been using.

The Doctor stepped from behind her desk and took out a stethoscope from a desk drawer.

"Sorry if this is a bit cold," she smiled as she inserted the ends into her ears and placed the puck onto my chest.

"Just breathe normally for me." Slowly she listened to my breathing, moving all over my chest and them round to listen to my back. Without saying anything she then popped a thermometer in my mouth and began to take my blood pressure. "Just relax, Mr Harris." She began writing a few notes on a pad on her desk before announcing, "You seem very healthy, Mr Harris. Although your blood pressure is a little on the high side."

"Well that's all very well," began my wife again, "but what are you going to do about him making a mess in my bed?"

"How often a week do you have sexual intercourse?" the Doctor shot back at her.

"That's disgusting, we shouldn't be doing that at our age." I thought I caught the Doctor smiling at my wife's retort. It seemed she had hit the nail on the head first time.

"I see, Mrs Harris, you do know that it's perfectly natural to enjoy a healthy sex life well into the later stages of life?"

"No I don't and I have no need for such ridiculous ideas."

The Doctor looked at me with a slight air of conspiracy, for my part I just stood at the side of her desk still in only my underwear, trying not to smile at my wife's apparent unease.

"In that case, Mrs Harris, I can only recommend one solution."

"Good, just let's get on with it then shall we." My wife was obviously more impatient than ever now.

"I'll have to make a phone call to a friend of mine. She runs a clinic that specialises in this sort of thing." Dr. Andersson picked up the phone and was soon talking to her friend.

"Yes, Anna, well he's 50. .... Everyday apparently .... No they don't. .... I can yes....... Great. Thanks so much." The Doctor hung up.

"Well?" asked my wife.

"I can get Mr Harris on the program yes. Now it is a private clinic."

"Oh so we have to pay for his treatment do we?"

"Usually yes. But there are waivers available."

"Good then. When can he start?"

The Doctor pressed a few buttons with her computer mouse and within a couple of seconds a couple of sheets of paper were ejected from the printer.

"If you could both sign this waiver then I will organise things straight away," Dr. Andersson smiled as she handed the papers to my wife with a pen. Typically my wife didn't even read the contents before signing her name and then thrust them into my hands.

"Come on, Dani, sign that so we can have you cured." Of course I had wanted to read the waivers but my wife was as insistent as ever. "Don't dally, I'm sure it's all fine, she's a Doctor, if you can't trust her then who can you trust?" My wife prodded my bare ribs and so reluctantly I signed the papers too.

"Perfect, thank you both."

"Well if you've finished with me," my wife continued, "I'll be off, so much to do today. I'll leave you with this capable Doctor, dear." She actually smiled as she gave me the tiniest peck on the cheek then collected her handbag and walked out the door.

"Phew, what a woman." Dr. Andersson sighed.

"Yes she can be a little demanding," I agreed, wondering if I was going to be allowed to get dressed now.

"Right then, Mr Harris, or can I call you Dani?"

"Sure, Doctor. So what exactly is going to happen to me?"

"Oh don't you worry about that." She pressed the intercom and spoke into it. "Nurse to Consulting Room One please."

"We'll get you over to the clinic and Anna, I mean Dr. Small, will explain the process for you." A few seconds later the door opened once again and one of the practice nurses walked in, her name tag announced she was Nurse Judy. If she was surprised to see me standing there in just my grey briefs she didn't show it, instead she addressed the Doctor.

"Can I help, Doctor?" Nurse Judy was shorter than me, about 5'6'' and maybe slightly older than the Doctor, but still under forty. Her blue uniform showed off her female curves but hid any flesh from sight, unlike the Doctor's more revealing attire. She was a brunette to the Doctor's blonde and had green eyes. Altogether she was one of the prettier nurses at the surgery.

"Dani is being admitted to Dr. Small's clinic. You know the one over by Pevenport."

"Oh yes, I know of it," she smiled.

"Here's his paperwork, can you arrange for him to be admitted please?"

"Of course, Doctor. Dani, if you come with me down to the nurse's station I'll get you sorted." She took the paperwork that my wife and I had signed in one hand and my left hand in her other as she started to guide me out of the room. The Doctor shook my right hand as I was quickly dragged out.

"Nice to have met you, Dani. Now don't worry about anything. Anna will look after you."

Before I knew it I was outside the consulting room and in the corridor, Nurse Judy closed the door and hurried me towards the nurse's station and the patient waiting room. I noticed the corridor floor was tiled compared to the carpet in the doctor's room and realised that my feet were bare, in fact I was still only wearing my briefs and the rest of my clothes were of course in the consulting room.

"Um, shouldn't I be wearing some clothes?" I began but Nurse Judy hushed me up.

"Don't be silly, you will only have to take them off again in a minute, the Doctor hasn't filled in all of this form you need so we'll have to measure you and take your weight. It'll be easier like this."

We walked past the patient waiting area, my wife I noticed was nowhere in sight. A couple of other women though were sat waiting and I caught one nudging the other as I walked past, their stares followed me as I continued down the corridor with the nurse.

"Right here we are, Dani. Can you just step on those scales for me." A set of medical scales were against the wall at the end of the corridor next to the usual measuring column that is common in the medical profession. It didn't take long for Nurse Judy to find my weight and height and enter the details on the form.

"That's good, almost there. So last thing is penis size." I was sure I'd misheard her.

"Wh.. What?"

"Just need your penis size, Dani. Drop your pants please."

"Here, in the corridor?"

"Yes, stop being so shy. Look I'll stand in front of you. No one can see. Now, pants down." She stood only inches in front of me as I wriggled my briefs down past my hips and let them slide to my ankles.

"Miss Webb to Consulting Room One." The tannoy in the waiting room announced. Nurse Judy squatted down onto her heels positioning her head at the same height as my flaccid penis. She took a measuring tape out of one pocket of her uniform and took my soft cock in her other hand as she measured first its length and then its girth.

"Nearly done," she announced at what I thought was louder than she needed to, her hand still wrapped around my shaft, then the "can you get it erect for me?" seemed even louder, especially as just at that moment a young woman walked into the corridor from the waiting room. She spied the nurse and started walking towards us as I started to tremble.

"Keep still, Dani," Nurse Judy shouted my still soft cock in her hands.

"Oh, Nurse," the woman called out then walked quickly towards our end of the corridor. "Sorry to interrupt but could you..." she stopped as she realised I was completely naked. Nurse Judy her hand wrapped around me twisted sideways and looked up at the woman.

"Can I help you?"

"Oh, yes, sorry." The woman was caught between looking at the nurse and at her hand still tightly wrapped around my cock. "I'm looking for Consulting Room One."

"Ah ok," Nurse Judy relaxed her grip and stood up, only partially concealing me from the woman." It's back the other way, round the corner at the end and then the first door on the left."

"Thank you" smiled the patient, presumably Miss Webb. The nurse squatted back down and again took hold of my still soft penis.

"Now, Dani, can you get an erection for me?" Miss Webb stared at the scene before turning and slowly walking down the corridor as instructed. She turned round to look at us every few steps as if still not believing what she had witnessed.

"Um, I'm sorry Nurse Judy, I can't seem to get it up" I almost whispered, not wanting to attract any further attention.

"Not to worry, we can just wait here a while." I must have look horrified at the thought of more patients wandering in and seeing my predicament. "Although I have an idea, stand there, I'll be back shortly." With that she stood and walked away turning into the waiting area and out of my sight. Left alone in the corridor I felt completely exposed. Quickly I bent over and pulled my briefs back up, at least I was covered again I thought, but it was still uncomfortable standing in the corridor almost undressed.

Nurse Judy seemed to be taking her time and before she could return Miss Webb reappeared round the corner of the corridor. Of course she immediately spotted me and with a big smile on her face continued past the exit to the waiting room and stood next to me.

"I'm Andrea," she offered her hand which I shook timidly.

"Dani," I replied.

"Why was the nurse grabbing your dick?" She grinned at using the word 'dick'.

"She needed to measure it."

"Oh, do you have a problem? Is it too big?" The grin broke into a big smile as she added, "or too small?"

"No, it's not like that, she just needed to record the size, that's all."

"I don't believe it, let me have another look."


"Come on pop it out, I want to see it properly." She grabbed at my briefs and after a short tussle she had them down to my knees, one hand timidly holding my cock. "I suppose it is about average." Miss Webb looked disappointed but didn't let go of my shaft.

"Oh Miss Webb," Nurse Judy stepped back into the corridor and spotted the two of us together.

"Dani was just introducing himself to me, nurse." Miss Webb didn't turn to speak to the nurse at all; instead she bent down to inspect the penis still grasped between her fingers.

"Oh that's ok then. Dani, I found this spray from the pharmacy next door. It'll help us get your final measurement."

"Do you mind if I watch?" Miss Webb clearly didn't want to leave us now.

"Well as long as Dani is ok with it." I was speechless at this point. A mid-twenties girl had her hand around my cock as I stood naked in a corridor. Taking my silence as consent Nurse Judy continued.

"Ok, can you let go of him then please, Miss Webb." As the girl released me, the nurse sprayed my entire genitals with the aerosol can in her hand. It produced a tingling sensation but didn't seem to be as fast acting as the nurse was expecting. She sprayed again. This time my penis twitched slightly but then fell back against my balls.

"Is that it?" asked Miss Webb.

"No it's supposed to produce a full erection." Nurse Judy sprayed me for a third time, then a fourth, fifth and sixth time. Each dose produced more of the tingling sensation and involuntary twitches of my cock. Eventually she sprayed the entire canister over my shaft and now I responded with a full erection. The bulbous head expanded and went purple; the veins seemed to ripple along my length.

"Oh that's great, Dani," Nurse Judy cooed and took out her measuring tape once again. She quickly had the size written down on her form and stood up. "Ok you can let it go down now, Dani."

I don't know if she was serious or not, but having risen to the occasion, my cock was not thinking of shrinking, if anything it was harder than I'd ever known it. Miss Webb reached her hand back out.

"May I?" Without waiting for either of us to reply she took hold of my throbbing penis and ran her delicate fingers up and down. With Miss Webb's handling there was no way my erection was going to subside and Nurse Judy began to get impatient.

"Dani, I need to get this form sent over to the clinic. But I can't leave you in the waiting room like that."

"Oh I can look after him," Miss Webb offered.

"That's kind of you, but I still can't let him sit out there with an erection."

"Well you must have somewhere else we can wait."

"Ok, come this way," she beckoned us to follow her back down the corridor. I tried to position myself between them in a vain hope of covering myself up from more prying eyes. My briefs dropped to my ankles as I walked and I tried to bend over to retrieve them. Miss Webb though was right behind me with her hand placed against my bum, she urged me on. I looked back and saw her bending over and putting my underwear in her handbag as I caught up with Nurse Judy. Andrea and I were ushered by the nurse into a male rest area, comprising a toilet cubicle, bidet and wheeled bed.

"I'll lock the door so no one can get in; as soon as I've got these details over to the clinic I'll be right back. Dani, please try and get rid of your erection by then." I'm pretty sure that she winked at Miss Webb as she closed the door and I heard the key turn in the lock.

"Well," Andrea smiled, "this is nice, I don't think I've ever been locked in a room with a naked man before, especially not one with such a big erection."

"Um, me neither," I almost stammered.

"Awe, don't look so worried. I'm not here because of some contagious disease," she laughed. "I only came in to get my contraception adjusted. Looks like that was perfect timing to put it to the test."

"What you mean, you and me, like sex?" I was wondering what had happened to reality.

"Sure, why not. The nurse gave us strict instructions to get rid of your erection. Although to be honest I rather like the look of it."

I looked at this young woman my eyes must have been staring as she started to lift up her blue dress. She was about half my age and whilst not overweight she was a little on the heavy side. She certainly looked like she weighed more than me. I watched as she removed her dress completely and laid back onto the wheeled hospital type bed that was pushed up against one wall.

"Come on, we might not have all day," she giggled as she slid her black panties down her smooth, white legs. Her black bush of pubic hair prominent as she let her legs part.

To be continued...

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