Bear Attack

by Anonymous

A young girl, about 11, strode through the tall weeds, a young pup yapping at her heels. They walked up to the main house, and went inside. They were greated by a bigger dog, a yellow lab, the girl's cousins, and her sister and her friend.

"Hey, Kaia!" one cousin, Hanna, hugging her older cousin.

"Kaia, can we go to the cabin?" the older cousin, 10 years of age, asked.

"Your parents said yes, if Jameson and Ashley go." Ashley, the girl, Kaia's, older sister groaned.

"Do you want to go, Jameson?" she asked her friend. Jameson shrugged.

"Please?" Hanna begged. Jameson nodded reluctantly.

Now, there is one thing you need to know, and that is what the cabin these children were speaking of was supposedly haunted. It was an old pioneer's cabin, in the back of the cousin's property. They had gone to it before, with Kaia's friend Audrey, were they had seen the ghost. They had taken a picture, and in the corner, the ghost could be seen, and the next day, Ashley had lost the phone with the picture on it, destroying proof of the ghost. So, naturally, the cousins wanted to go up and see it again, because Kaia, Jameson, and Ashley were going back home the next day.

So, the group set out, Kaia and Cole running ahead, and stopping for the others. Then Hanna would run up with them, and race them. Kaia and Cole ran ahead, Cole's head looking behind him to see how far ahead they were. Kaia's head, though, was fixed ahead, and suddenly, her eyes were fixed in those of another's. "BEAR!" she screamed, turning around and running.

Now, before they had left, Kaia's uncle had given them bear spray, so Jameson, as he ran yelling, turned around to see the bear following. He sprayed the bear, who turned and lumbered back, not without howling a roar of revenge, and swiping the spray away.

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