Trying and Coping

by Alliyah


Evans looked out the car window startled at the sudden lack of movement. A house. That's all it was he couldn't get too attached to it. Not only the horse everything... They moved around a lot every three months or so. His Dad had a business which caused this. I never even knew what it was. His Dad met a lot of people he would bump into them at his old houses. More than I would've liked.

But maybe this time will be different. I could have a regular life. At the slightest sight of danger his parent(s) would drag him home to his room. They said he was "safer" there. Back to reality he thought. "Evans, get up! Were here" Mum shouted happily. "Yay!" I said unenthusiastically. I looked at our house. There was a big, brown door in the bottom middle of these bricks, cement and windows. This will never be my home. A home isn't just were family is. A home is were you actually fit in and feel safe.

Although, I should be happy about having somewhere decent to live as our last house looked like a abandoned underground jail cell that had a faint smell of dead rats and fungus. Now, that I think about it it may as well had been. I got my bags and went in. On the right-hand side was our living room. The delivery men had already placed most of our items in the house and correct places like sofas, televisions, ovens, beds e.t.c. The room itself was quite small. On the left-hand side was the stairs leading up to the main bathroom, bedrooms and storage room. I went in my room which was painted blue and white and emptied my belongings on the brown, oak floor. I laid down on my bed with a grunt.

I stayed lying there for a minute or two taking all of it in. I started hanging my clothes and placing my underwear and socks in the drawers. To make things all worst I was starting my first day of middle school in three days. I don't know anyone here as well. I trudged downstairs into the kitchen were Dad was trying to make the oven work and Mum was telling him over and over again that he was doing it completely wrong. Dad was the first to notice me. He got up and said "How you doing champ? Unpacking done yet?" "Yup" I replied. I walked over to the fridge even though I knew it was empty.

"Hey guys" I said "I'm going to the shop to get some food" Mum rummaged through her purse and handed me two notes. I turned around and headed for the door when I heard her say. "Evans... Your really mature for your age. With all our moving you've really handled it well. We love you. Right Daniel?" There was a loving muffled "i gorve ju" from under the oven. "Love you too" I sighed.

Before I came down here I was determined too run away tonight. It's like Mum knew it before I even thought of it. Maybe all mothers have like a fifth sense like mine. My bike was just outside the door. But it was silly. I barely had enough money for a train too Shellport. I opened up Google Maps and searched up the nearest convenience store.

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