The Dream

by Gloria Gonzalez

The Dream

It was Monday Morning, nothing unusual about it. Yet, Lisa couldn't shake of the feeling that there was something terribly wrong about the morning as she sat by her apartment window looking out toward the street.

"Everything seem okay." She assured her self as she sipped her morning coffee. Yet, that uneasy feeling wasn't going to abandoned her any time soon. Lisa looked for her usual clear sings to a peace her mind.

She quickly spotted, Mr. Jones and his small black poodle, name Mutt, as there were doing their daily morning walk. She also spotted, at the other side of the street, Mrs. Philips talking to the school crossing guard as she has always done. Lisa sighted, as she turn to look at the kitchen clock, it was

now seven o'clock. Her husband Ralph hadn't come home last night. This wasn't the first time that Ralph had been out all night, it wasn't the first time, and he had been out with "The Boys", on a Sunday Night and hadn't come home all night either. Lisa had lost count over the last 10 years, how many time, Ralph had done this. He always, paid the bills on time; they always had plenty of food on their supper table.

Ralph had never neglected his responsibilities. He always had been a hard worker, a good husband, it was sad that they never had children. Ralph never wanted children. When they were first married, he used the excused children needed more than just love and they weren't financially stable to have a child. She accepted that, and the years past. Then a miracle happened, she was pregnant. Lisa was happy. She knew Ralph couldn't say no. He was making more money down at the factory. They were now ready to have a child. But Ralph proved her wrong, when she told him that night she was with child, his face got all distorted with rage. He was a totally, a mad man. Ralph yelled, screams, and broke things around the apartment. He accused her of being selfish and careless. He even went as far as hitting her for her offense. Lisa had been scared; she couldn't believe her husband could be so violent. He never apologized for that night. Weeks past and Ralph wouldn't talk to her or even let her touch him.

She was four months pregnant, when she lost their child. Ralph had left her a note on the table that he was sorry for his behavior, and that he wanted to make up for it. He had prepared her some tea for her to drink and he would take her out to eat to celebrate tonight. Lisa had been so happy that Ralph had changed his mind about their baby and she drank her tea without any remorse. Lisa went about her routine as always, happy and content. It had been four hours afterward that she started feeling queasy and the sharp pains began. At first, she thought it was nothing, she had been working to hard around the apartment and she should take it a bit easy, after all, she was going to have a baby. But the pains didn't go away instead they got more severed and then the bleeding started. Lisa was scared; she didn't want to loose her Baby. She called her Doctor and he advised her to come to the hospital right away.

Lisa now was in panic. She tried to reach Ralph at the factory but he wasn't there. How could he not be there? What was going on? She manages to call an ambulance before she black out. By the time she woke up in the hospital, it was too late. She had lost the Baby. It was a girl. Her name was going to be Emily. Ralph was still not there. Ralph finally showed up the next morning to take her home. Again, he wouldn't look at her. Now, she didn't care. She had lost her Emily. She had lost her child.

That is when; Ralph started not coming home at night. He would stay out on Fridays, sometimes on Saturday. Then he started going out every other week day and wouldn't come home. About a year ago, he didn't come home on Sunday either. At first his excused was he was also mourning, and then his excused was that he wanted to get away, and then they turned even more resentful toward her. For her selfishness and carelessness, it had been her fault.

She blamed herself as well; she even began to think that Ralph had been right all along. So she didn't try to have any more children. Then one day, she found a bill in his coat pocket. But what was strange it wasn't their address on the bill. Knowing, how ill temper her husband had become, she didn't question him about it. She wrote down the address and waited for an opportunity to find out, who's address that was. It was weeks later, when she was given the opportunity to investigate.

That is when she found out the truth about her husband Ralph. Ralph had been living a double life at the outskirt of town for the last nine years with another woman. Ralph had rented her a nice house, and they had two small children together, a boy name Ralphie, and a girl name Emiline. That was the reason he was always out all night and even on Sunday. The woman told her how they had met, and told even told her; That Ralph, one night drunk, had admitted to given her that awful tea, so that Lisa would loose the Baby.

Lisa couldn't believe what she was hearing. She couldn't believe, that Ralph had done that to her. The woman told her that when their daughter was born, it had been Ralph that named their daughter Emiline, because of what he had done to her. Lisa ran out of the house and she never went back. At first, she was terrified, that Ralph was going to find out that she had been there. But that never happened.

Ralph went on like he never knew, Lisa knew the truth. That is when her dreams started it. They were always the same. They never change, and the out come was always the same. Night after night, the dreams became more vivid and more real. That is until last night....................

"...and also in the news tonight, a woman by the name of Lisa Tate, age 34, admitted to the authorities that she had hack to pieces her husband Ralph, age 40, after finding out that he had been leading a double life with another women at the outskirt of town. The reason the authorities came to investigate the where about of Mr. Tate, because of the numerous complaint from the neighbor of the stench that was coming from that apartment. No other explanations were given."

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