The Man Behind the Liberty

by Marcus Jackman


The Man Behind The Liberty is a story based on real life events on how a young man from Miami became the man behind one of entertainments most influential record company's in the world.


(Based on Real Life Events)

Division I

August 25th 1992 was the day i was born with nothing to become the Man Behind The Liberty.

Fat boy, Fat Boy! Yes that's me. They also called me other names along with that one. See around this time I was only the age of 10 with a few bullies who would try to humiliate me day by day. Sometimes they would succeed leaving me no choice but to skip school just to not be picked on.

Days like this I would go to the park known as Norwood park and see other kids playing baseball, basketball and tennis which was a sport that I had hidden talents in. Many students in my level of class did not know that i was an athlete aiming to reach the heights of professionalism with the help of My family and supporting coach everyday after school. But then the way the kids treated me, you would ask yourself would they act different towards me if they did know? Would they start calling me By my birth name an not as I appeared?

Tuesday July 4th of 2004 was my first Fourth of July ceremony celebration which took place in the home of my parents. On this day the family would spark up the barbecue grill and have a nice swim in our family pool that I almost drowned in after trying to prove to everyone outside celebrating that I was cool and knew how to swim! The way that turned out. See I didn't always get along with my family when I was younger. My cousin would always say it's because I was the ugly duckling in the family.

At this moment I was 14 years of age and ready to take on the world, trying to be more confident with the help of a friend I had who from time to time would teach me a few things about girls and how to dress to keep myself looking appropriate and to not be able to get shamefully called names. But it was only a little while till embarrassment was looking me in my face. On the day when I got my shoes stolen from me in middle school. Words couldn't explain how I felt with sweat dripping from my arms and my nose running after crying so much in the boys bathroom. I had one last option and that was to tell the principal who then told me since this situation happened off of school property I was left to handle the situation on my own having to fight for what was rightfully mines. This reminded me of the time I Got my first heart break on Valentine's day which was also the day I started writing music.

Division II

September 7th 2007 was my first day as a young adult. Being a freshman in high school was a change for me. My parents figured a different county would be a better change for me and would give me a chance at fitting in with the other students of my grade. Were they Right? Lets just say Parents aren't always right! But my past years of being bullied left me emotionless towards negativity and I was focused on school and having a great GPA over the time.

I grew to know two amazing friends of the names Brittany and April who were cousin's. These two girls helped me with my dress attire, relationships and confidence through my high school years. And from then I vowed never to allow someone to humiliate me. See everyone always questioned why were me and my best friends so close, and when I say close I'm talking about being twins in school when it's not spirit week and going to the most talked about parties on Fridays, just to talk about it on Mondays. Times like this changed my way of life and enhanced my confidence.

"Marcus" .... Oh how great it feels to be called by your name for a positive reason in high school. I wasn't what society calls it a Lame. I was now known as someone who has a sense of style in dressing and knowing what's the trend. See that call from Brittany was to ask me when is the new Jordan 12s to be released? In my head I smiled it probably showed on my face, but that's just the excitement of me and my best friends now planing to get new sneakers. At this point my confidence was through the roof meaning there wasn't nothing no one can say to bring me down we were about to have the exclusive Jordans 2 weeks before the release date. That was December 25th. April called the jordan's her Christmas shoes for the movies we were planning to see Think Like A Man.

Division III

Med school! wow who would have thought I would be learning about medications and the human body. I figured that if life can give me lemons then I should be able to make lemonade! And I decided to attend medical school where my clinical programs where over seas in the Bahamas where I studied and took part in physical practices. To be a fly on the wall and witness me working on a hepatitis B patient. See my position in the ER was a LPN! A Licensed Practical Nurse, we keep the hospital running smoothly and we make sure every patient is happy no matter the conditions. The Staffs called us The ER Angles.

That night after returning back to our hotels me and my roommate Jake at the time made a plan that we would throw a small party down stairs in the lounge by the bar we had music and drinks, and The World Cup was on the TV. I had a few drinks to celebrate the success of our first day and our safe trip to Bahamas. I was in a mood to sing and there you have it I got up from the stool I was sitting on and I asked a certain someone who I had a College crush on if I can sing to her and guess what she said, "yes go ahead!" Drunk and eyes low off of the alcohol beverage I took the karaoke mic and sang lyrics that was thought of in the moment. In music its called free-styling. And she loved it, she even gave me a kiss on the cheek. I went back to my room and there she was we stayed outside and talked all night because of our supervisor resident who had a strict rule policy on having sleep overs or friends in hotel rooms. But I enjoyed Monica's conversation that night, we discussed thoughts on kids, and medication that affects children rather than help them. See Monica was fascinated with Pediatrics. She wanted to know all there was to know about children and medications. Me being 20 years old I can understand why Monica was so into Pediatrics because the children are the next generation and harm to them is harm to our next generation and for me that was enough to ask her out.

November 2nd 2014 graduating as a License Practical Nurse was a day to remember. I invited my best friends Brittany and April to attend the graduation celebration with me that night. I was able to be free and become my own. From singing to my crush in public and writing music since my first heart break on valentines day I made my next journey the path of music and the entertainment business.

Division IIII

Can you rap or sing was the question that I needed to know to ask anyone who was serious about trying to promote their music brand and public image. I started my way in the entertainment business through the skills of management. Being able to Market your musical products and artist in the way that results can be found as a change from how the talent was originally introduced towards the services you offer. Once you know this formula then you can speak and negotiate with any artist or talent of your choosing and interest. And I knew this early in the game of music, so the only way I could have went in the business was up to success with the changes that life gave me.

I was able to find my own way and that happened on November 24th 2014 on the day I received my first life changing call. Now with me managing artist and talent at times I would write music for top musical artist such as J Holiday, Iyaz, Brisco and Trey Songs who turned down a record written for him known as Thinking of you! You might have heard it. Which was my debut single and that same song changed my life to the music world giving me opportunities to write for artist like Sia. November 24th was a drastically life changing moment for me from receiving a business call from a musical artist that I have grew up listening to and watching on TV. With the call being Fast and Furious star actor and rapper "Ludacris" of Disturbing The Peace he wanted to sign me for 1 million Dollars including studio fees and production video cost. Now, being new to the music industry and to be signed as a musical artist this was new to me so I introduced Ludacris to someone in my family putting our valuable conversation on a three way call. And that's where the mask fell off the day I told myself family and blood doesn't mean the same thing. I turned my back on family with Ludacris ending the call responding in a raging tone of voice.

Two days after receiving that once in a life time call some would say, I was then tossed in a hospital being hospitalized by my own parents in our family house just after only walking in to our home from a local studio I attended on weekends to get records recorded such as Thinking of you. My parents claimed I was on Cocaine and Crack which lead the officers to take me into a hospital in a mental and psychiatric unit where I slept in a four wall room with one see through mirror and a television with a women in all white watching my every move. I called her Women in White! Me laying on the cold floor in fetal position and no sheet to keep me warm I was almost at the point of catching a cold due to the floor temperature.

Two days later after being in this unit not smoking the cigarettes the nurses offer the patients. See i wasn't a cigarette smoker and I wasn't going to start now. I was then released with no money or clue of where I was going. I took the Miami Transit and went to my parents home. And wow! What do you know the home is totally empty I'm talking about nothing but the bathroom, kitchen and rooms, no furniture not even the trophies we have won over the years of playing tennis. Everything was gone as if someone else was moving in, but see I knew it had something to do with that call because after being released from the psychiatric unit my mother asked me one question! "Did you sign any contract?" And from there I knew they weren't to be trusted.

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