Shattered Light

by FaisalAlam1013

I woke to the resonating sound of shattering glass as exasperation scattered across the maple wood floors. Light poured out through the cracks of my door from last week's wrath. Resentment was ripping through the floor and emptied out in my room. It was the storage unit for vexation. Whenever, someone was ready to unleash their fury, it would exclusively occur in my room. It was a void.

"Did you know your cousin just got in Sophie Davis? She's so hardworking and understands how to be...,' that was all I heard before erasing his raspy voice from my head again. As he continued his vociferation, I gazed at the tear in my dark realm. It shrieked at me, calling for clandestine. I replied, "Welcome to the Family."

Eventually, the door slammed shut as I heard their screeches grow louder. It was a cry for Normalcy to reclaim its throne. For nearly two decades, it had disappeared, abandoning this void sanctuary. The Family's whines roared louder each and every day, hoping that one day He will return.

My only job was to reimburse their sorrows, so I majored in Industrial Design where I learned to be their guardian. Whether that being by distracting them with the wonders of color, concealing them from the light of day, or by filling their stomachs till they were full till the next reckoning, it was my moral duty to bring Him back. After all, I am the one who petrified Him away in the first place.

Apopolecticism and consternation ran deep in this household. It always has. However, they weren't they were only parts of the void swarm. Another reckoning was approaching, but this time, it wasn't holding back. The burden of His departure was an apocalyptic beginning. My mother, my father, and my brother were attempting to breach the void. They were trying to envelop the darkness with light. It isn't light which outshines the dark, but it is the darkness which makes light luminous. It is selfish and credited for all which darkness does for it. Their nether grasp choked me as I stared deep into their malefic visions.

Without them saying one word, I knew exactly why they were here. After all, the reckoning ended the same with every uprising. I was ambushed by their frenzy of acrimony. Although the reckoning attacked differently every time, there was always a new member to the Family to end it. With that came, another member which that I had to protect from their ravage.

I spent my lifetime pondering why He had left me in the grip of agony and the face of indignation. I spent countless hours, days, weeks, months, years scouring for a resolution; a missing fragment to the enigma. I was never one to give out, I just simply grew indifferent. He will not return, not till I leave the premise.

Am I... the problem? The insuperable conflict?

Forced to scavenge in the depth hells of despondency as I am left to soar on the broken wings of the exiled. A frivolous voyage upon the feet of the ghastly coast as I ogle at the malevolent orb of Fate. He shall not rise, for he has never walked. He shall not rule for he has never been coronated. He will not return, for He has never existed.

*buzz *buzz* *buzz* I gazed at the clear white ceiling above, the screaming had stopped, the sound of shattering glass vanished. I looked into the mirror. The world was staring back at me. I reached out, but the world pulled away from me. The world was on a rope and I was the one holding onto it. I was overridden by the scars of persistence obligating me to abdicate my role in this universe and fall into the fathomage of the Void. He has called my name, but He is still a facade.

*buzz*buzz*buzz* I had woken up this time, but to the resonating sound of shattered glass. I was foretold of my upcoming reality with Him at my door.

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