The Rattlesnake

by Inkblot


This is a story I wrote last night about some of the adventures my son and I have living out in the plains of texas where the Western Diamondback rattlesnakes live in large numbers. We are constantly killing rattlesnakes and copperheads on our land. I thought it would be cool to write a story about one of our adventures.

It was almost sunset and I was headed to the ranch house to fix dinner for me and my young son. As I was driving down the dusty road with the sun to my back, I spotted up ahead in the road a Western Diamondback rattle snake soaking in the heat from the suns relentless rays. I slowly stopped my small SUV in the middle of the dusty road and stepped out onto the road. I walked back to the rear of my vehicle and retrieved my old pump action rifle.

There I was standing in the middle of the dusty road in my old worn out leather square toed boots, tattered blue jeans, sleeveless flannel shirt, with my old pump action rifle. The sun was beating down on the back of my neck, and you could see my muscles rippling under my dark tanned skin as the adrenaline began to pump into my system. As I walked cautiously toward the rattle snake I was poised for action. I knew at any moment this could go south quick, but that did not stop me. I had to continue with my mission. I walked to within 6 feet of the rattle snake never taking my eyes off him.

The rattle snake continued to lay there soaking in the suns relentless heat, unaware of the danger approaching from his back side. As he lay there enjoying the rays from the sun, and the peace and quiet of the dusty country road, I stood quiet patiently waiting for my heart to slow down and my muscles to relax. I checked the chamber and slowly raised that old pump action rifle to my shoulder. With the sun beating down on me, adrenaline still pumping, and sweat dripping off my forehead onto the stalk of my rifle, I drew my bead and slowly pulled the trigger.

The rattle snake jerked as my .177 grain Copperhead BB entered the back of his head and lodged in his throat where it stayed as his life blood drained from his slightly open mouth with his tongue still outstretched from tasting the air to see if anything was nearby. As I stood watching his body go through the convulsions of his final death throws, I thought to myself. "One second he was laying there with no cares, just relaxing, and enjoying the sun's rays. The next he was choking on a BB with no idea of how this could have happened. Wow!"

I turned and walked back to my small SUV where my young son was waiting for me, just glad that I could do my part to help protect our kids and pets from these dangerous snakes.

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