My Bay

by Mez213


A short story of a boy and his beloved fish. But this time when he goes to find his friend, he's no where to be found...

It was another autumn day, a single golden leaf pirouetted in an invisible spiral down into the early morning fog. A cold breeze danced around him as a coppery sun was slowly becoming visible along the horizon. He longed for one more adventure before setting off into the great unknown. The deep blue, shimmery water caressed the shore. He prepared his diving equipment and went out for one last escapade with Blue. The salty sea spray stung his eyes as he powered towards the home of the big fish. He adored the ocean, the way the golden sun reflected off it, how mysterious and utterly exquisite it was.

Plunging into the vast sea, Abe felt a surge of adrenaline as the frigid water pierced his skin. Immediately, he embarked on his journey to find the big blue fish. Usually, he would be greeted almost as soon as he began to dive through the water, but something was wrong, he could feel it in his gut. He searched and searched, but Blue was no where to be found...

His mother called him from the shore, her voice warm and distorted from the water separating him from her, but he didn't want to leave...he couldn't leave Blue, his home, his life. He hadn't even gotten to say goodbye, a chill ran down his spine as tears welled in his eyes. He blinked them back, not wanting to fog his goggles. But still, his mother proceeded to call him, her voice hoarse from crying out to him. Looking over his shoulder, hoping to see his friend one last time...but there was nothing there except open water.

Abe swam to the surface, a glimmer in his eyes as he held back his tears. A look of relief appeared on Sally's face as she saw him pop out of the water. He felt alone. Completely and utterly alone.

As he lifted himself up into the boat, a feeling of nothingness, of loneliness, of sadness was pulsing through his veins. He turned his head back to the water as the boat powered forward towards the shore. All he saw was a glimpse of a dark shadow with a long pole penetrating the shape in a strange way before landing on the sandy waterfront, but the shadow wasn't Blue. It was much larger...almost as large as a person. A diver. What was the diver holding? A spear?

As he left his home, he couldn't help but think about Blue. He knew something was wrong, ever since seeing that shadow, he had his suspicions.

Where had Blue gone?

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