Conscious River

by Mez213


Just a very short chapter. I won't continue this it was only for fun! It's about a girl that is in love with the meadow. But something terrible is happening in her village...what will happen to her if she's the last one left?

The river. Like a cobra it lies along the field. It's seductive curves and beautiful shimmery eyes reflective of the sunlight. The grassy meadow dotted by petite, fragrant daisies. Their sunshiny centers grinned at me while a soft breeze ruffled the white petals. In awe, I turned around and saw little colorful butterflies lazily flitting around the lush grass and dipping their tiny feet into a clear, river. The sky was a deep blue and an occasional cloud would blanket the abyss. With a sigh, I wistfully stared upwards as the sun warmed my face in its golden chariot. I felt safe among the reeds with the clear blue sky observing the meadow. I dipped my feet into the frigid waters below. I never wanted to go back. I couldn't face what was to come if I ever even thought about arriving home. A feeling of terror overtook the calm environment that was once my savior. I could see the village bustling with citizens below the mountainous hill. I envied how they acted like nothing was going on. Deep down they all knew... I was the only child left in the village, all others had been brutally killed by someone...something... I wasn't going back to face my doom. Something was bloodthirsty. And I was't going to feed it. I was going to survive if it was the last thing I ever did...

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