A True Story

by Ajith Aiyar

A close friend of mine had been bugging me for a while to come with him and meet his new love of his life, the umpteenth one. Married thrice, divorced twice and heading for a third by all accounts he had found this glam girl, to use his own description, and according to him as I understood it the sun shined from her ass!

After dodging for some time I finally gave up and agreed to meet this beauty queen. There was a party at her place and I dutifully accompanied him and was surprised that it was actually Lady Sunshine's Daughter's bash, and remember thinking to myself " don't tell me she is married as well and this time is it going to be a double divorce ? "

The Hostess was gracious but didn't quite impress me and I really wouldn't't see any sunlight anywhere, from any rear ends, the lights were dim but the ambiance was pleasant and the music was modern and balanced well, quite pleasing and unlike most shindigs of this age group a decent conversation could be conducted without getting a sore throat. My friend ditched me following Sunshine like a wide eyed puppy with his tongue hanging out and I ambled to the bar to help myself to a glass of wine. It was an excellent red and I thought to myself "fuck the sunlight the wine is good ".

I found a couch and settled in listening to Handle Bars and took in the scenery. The place was cozy, well laid out, very stylish with some striking paintings and pictures adorning the walls at strategic places. They were highlighted with spot lights so that the viewer could get a good look. This was done by somebody with a very sophisticated taste. As I absorbed my surroundings I notice colorful cushions strewn around the ground and simple furniture and stools with low tables arranged seemingly random somehow appeared as though placed where they were with a purpose. Though the lights were dim visibility was ensured so that one would't bump into any objects when negotiation around the room.

As my eyes roamed around when I noticed a silhouette of a woman sitting across the room from me. I wouldn't't quite make out her features accept that she was wearing a white tight top reflecting the blue of the light in that area, a fare bit of her midriff exposed leading to a very short skirt. She was sitting on a cushion on the ground her legs tucked away from me. Her hair was straight and I could make out a sharp jaw line and nose. I concentrated on her for a while, she was engaged in an animated conversation with another woman but I can't for the life of me remember anything about the other person.

My interest focused on her and so did the awakening feeling of the initial sexual arousal and the desire that permeated my senses with anticipation and excitement. I had to get a closer look. I had in the meanwhile finished my wine and got up to get a refill navigating so that I would pass her closely on my way to the bar. As I got closer I could see the plunging neckline of her top and the outline of her firm breasts. They were proportionate to her build. She was bra-less and her nipples were protruding and I wondered if she was wearing any support beneath her breasts to project them so firmly. She had a sexy naval area and a sight that is so common, a pierced belly button with a tattoo partially visible, terminating somewhere under her skirt.

I continued to the bar, it was a self-service trolley, liberally stocked with an excellent selection, and switched to a large whiskey on the rocks. Finding a vantage point to perch on I got my first real look at her. She was stunning! Brown in complexion she had great pair of legs and her knees were lifted off the ground so I could see right up her crotch from where I was. I allowed my gaze to quickly take a panoramic shot of her both vertically and horizontally wondering what line I was going to use to impress her when I finally approached her. She looked twentyish. Definitely worth the effort and I had already started mentally stripping her. We made eye contact a couple of times while I pretended to be casually looking around but coming back to her regularly. She had a tall drink in her hand and suddenly she stopped talking to her companion and our eyes locked. I deliberately stared at her before gulping my drink. My eyes did not flinch from her face.

Pushing herself off the ground she got up and walked purposefully towards me. She came up to me and gave me the once over finished her drink and queried "Do you always stare at girls like this? ". Her voice was strong and she had a strange look on her face that made my system go ballistic. I smiled and reaching for her glass replied "May I? " "A Vodka Tonic, large "came the reply!. I took my time fixing her drink while pouring myself one, showing her the quantity I was pouring for approval. When she finally nodded enough, I topped it up with tonic, gave her drink and replied her question with "if they turn me on like you do! Cheers! ". She burst out laughing while taking her drink as we clinked glasses and drank deeply. I noticed she had a dimple on her right cheek and we started talking and moving away from the bar.

I was desperate for a smoke so I asked her if there was some place we could go to do so. She took me through a door to a garden, I offered her one which she took and we both lit up getting used to the silence and slowly getting aware of our close proximity. I can't remember what we actually spoke about but after a couple of cigarettes and had finished our drinks I suggested we dance. We walked back to the music very comfortable with each other as I escorted her with my arm around her shoulders.

The music was upbeat but we moved very close and settled for a slow quickstep. She was a natural. I breathed deeply trying to smell her body pulling her towards me. She came willingly holding me tight around my waist and laying her head on my shoulder. I felt her hair it was soft and stoked her head as we danced completely immersed in each other. I don't remember how long we danced and drank but it was quite a while before it dawned on me that we the only people in the room and music had stopped. We were seated on a couch when she very casually asked me if I would like to stay over, I nodded. We had a night cap and she led me upstairs to a room. I remember asking her if she lived here and her vague "sometimes". We showered together and it was one of those memorable experiences that come along so very rarely when two strangers find sexual chemistry easily and enjoy sex the first time so satisfying.

I got up surprisingly refreshed and no sign of the usual hangover. I had quite a lot to drink by any standards but felt really rejuvenated and alive. My lover was curled up towards me and I stroked her hair while kissing her forehead and told her that I had to leave now. I wouldn't't understand what she mumbled but I knew I would wake her up after I finished with the toilet. I was brushing my hair at the dresser when I saw her wallet, it was open. There was a photograph, I looked at it and my mouth fell open it was lady sunshine and my lover! My heart sank and I had that uneasy feeling in my stomach. I rifled through her wallet found her ID and my fears were confirmed. This was Sunshine's daughter, just eighteen!!!

I don't know what went through my mind but my first thought was did I use protection, this girl was younger than my daughter. I checked around and found an opened wrapper on the floor by the bed. That settled instinctively I checked the sheets slowly for any sign of blood. I found none and calmed myself. The feel good had vanished and I was trying to come to terms with the fact that I had fucked a girl who was more than half my age.

I wanted to get out fast but I needed to get her mobile number, I did manage to extract it from her and rushed downstairs hoping my friend was still around. I could deal with him on this. I certainly didn't want the Mother to see my anywhere in the house. My friend had gone but had left his driver and the car behind I got in and got back home wondering what yarn I was going to spin on my wife. The Casino, I thought as I got down from the car and went upstairs to my apartment.

I did break up with the girl and thanked my lucky stars it didn't end up in a scandal and bugger up my already screwed up existence and promising myself better discretion in future. But many a time I have thought of that night and jerked off. I never honestly regretted it and the guilt, if at all was real, was fleeting.

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