The Girl From Yesterday.

by Ajith Aiyar

I met a wonderful human being when I was about 13 years of age. She was around 11 and to me one of the most gentle and loving human beings I had met. I was madly in love with her but for some mysterious reason we were only very close friends. I used to be her escort to parties and dances.

I used to escort her in a morris minor vehicle to her residence after partying and invariably there use be the kiss before dropping her off. I still remember looking forward to that kiss before she got of the vehicle. It was probably the highlight of the day for me.

We just held hands on the drive back from where ever we went dancing and I used to hold her hand but it was so innocent as she was there and there was no physical intention apart from a sense of bonding and being comfortable with each other.

We hardly spoke during those drives but I vividly remember her putting her head on my shoulder and hugging me. It was about 30 minutes to get to her residence and those precious minutes used to be so intimate that I still wonder why I didn't tell her that I was madly in love with her. Subsequently we shifted to different neighborhoods and lost contact with each other.

Years had passed by when out of the blues a pal of mine got me her telephone number which led to my keeping in touch with her regularly and triggering old memories of those early years.

I remember her as a thin but sensual girl; recent photographs that she sent me confirmed this. I wonder why I was so reluctant in telling her that I was attracted to her. Was it not to spoil the friendship or was it that I wanted a friend as opposed to a lover. She is married now and so am I, I am great full that even after all these years the girl from yesterday is now very much a part of my life.

She landed in the country one day out of the blues and invited me to spend the day with her at her hotel. I readily agreed and when we met I was stunned at how attractive and sexy she really turned out to be in person. She had maintained herself very well and was wearing a rather short pair of pants and a tank top. She always had small breasts and in spite having had two children they were still petite and I could see their compact shape with prominent nipples outlined under her top.

We ordered some wine and bread roles and reminiscence about the past and our child hood while sharing an occasional cigarette. After chatting for a while there was an aura of intimacy and sensuality that was developing between us. The wine had the necessary effect of breaking down the barriers and it was obvious to any casual observer that we were totally involved with each other.

The wine was over and she asked the steward to deliver another to her room as she got up extending her hand towards mine and nodded her head for me follow.

While we waited for the wine I grabbed her and held her tight. She pushed her crotch hard at me while I started licking her shoulders and neck very slowly and made my way up to her lips. I sucked on her lower lip as she gently bit my tongue as I probed her mouth. The bitter sweet taste of the tobacco and wine turned me on as I feel my prick slowly getting erect and pushed back hard while grabbing her ass. The Stewart interrupted us and delivered the wine.

I removed her top and squeezed her tits as she moaned and mumbled. We quickly strip and as she fondled my erection took a shower. We enjoyed the warmth of the water and relaxed in the comfort of knowing that we were going to make love after so many years for the first time.

We walked to the room our bodies still wet and I pushed her slowly to the bed and while admiring her body. I started licking the water off her body. I turned her over and probed her ass with my tongue as she groaned. I poured some wine on her stomach and licked the wine of her body. She pushed my face down to her cunt. I pour some wine into her cunt and start sucking hard. The wine and her juices with the aroma of her cunt made my prick throb.

I moved down her right leg and start sucking her toe while massaging her thighs just under her cunt. She moans and pushes my face into her cunt pushes her body hard against my face. She keeps moving her groin and holds my head hard against her cunt. Suddenly she shouts "Fuck me! " I mount her and easily and slide into her wet cunt. My strokes are deliberately slow. She keeps moaning louder and louder while I gently probe her ass with a finger as I push deeper into her cunt. She howls when she finally has an orgasm and I have just enough time to pull out and shove my prick in her mouth and cum copiously while pushing it as far as she could take it.

We both rolled of each other and lie looking at the ceiling while breathing laboriously. After some time we kiss gently tasting the residual of each other's cum. As I looked deep into her and smile as she says "Why the fuck didn't you do this a long time ago!

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