From My World to Yours Ch.9

by Riana Rivers

                     Chapter 9                                           The man from the ally

         He tried rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Ever since the Walmart thing he had been searching the town in every spare moment he had. As a result, he hadn't slept in three weeks and Lizzy wasn't helping. No one was showing any signs that they might be psychic. But that didn't mean that they weren't. With him and Naomi, they had discovered their abilities while training for when they became agents. He didn't know how to tell if others were psychic without seeing them use their abilities. He sighed. He had been here for over a month now maybe he should just take Myra and Lizzy and go. But still the possibility of there being even one more psychic here... he groaned loudly. He couldn't leave until he was sure. Maybe he'd figure something out if he had enough energy to see straight. He decided to head home and actually get a bit of sleep for once. He turned around to see someone with strange goggles on hanging upside down from a tree waving some strange device at him. The person froze as soon as he had turned around. How had he not noticed him? He started to call to the shadows around them. Then he recognized the unruly orange hair, noticed the bags under his bright violet eyes with a crazed look in them. Favio. He made sure to lower his head a bit so that he couldn't see his face if he hadn't already and released the shadows. "Um. Excuse me but could you please get that thing out of my face?" He said making his voice just a bit deeper and using his practiced Australian accent. Favio blinked then squinted his eyes suspiciously and looked at the screen on his device. "Hmmmmm. That's strange I was certain... never mind." Favio jumped down from the tree and gave him another curious look. " Sorry sir I thought you were someone else," he said with a polite bow. Then he turned on his heel walked a few feet pulled out a bike he had somehow hidden behind a bench and road off almost crashing into things because he was still looking at his screen. He shook his head and started walking back home. There was something seriously off about that kid. But what had he been doing exactly? He had seen him running around all over the place every morning since he got here but he hadn't sense. Well, it must have been the day the Walmart thing happe- " he stopped. Favio did run around the day after the thing but it had been significantly shorter. He had only gone through on a street or two and he hadn't done it since. He hasn't even gone to the symmetry since that day(whatever he did there) nor had he sprayed his bike down whenever he parked it... He hadn't seen anything, had he? I know that Myra got a glimpse of me that night and that entire street we were on was deserted so once she left I hadn't been that careful... This isn't good if Favio saw he won't let it go like everyone else he'll tie it into one of his crazy conspiracies and try and get proof. And he just might be able to. Even if the people in the town don't believe him he posts everything on his blog and does have a lot of followers... I need to keep a closer eye on that kid.

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