From My World to Yours Ch.4

by Riana Rivers

             Chapter 4 Myra             

            I walked down the hall to science debating whether or not to just head home. I was exhausted after the ghosts and my ribs felt like they might have cracked. On the other hand, I kind of wanted to get a feel of our new teacher so I knew what I was going to have to deal with. Our old teacher had been very old and kept falling asleep in class. But at least he never gave me a hard time about anything. Sadly Mr.Watz passed away. He still haunted the classroom though. I turned a corner and got tackled by Lizzy. "Hey, Myra! So I ran into our new teacher earlier and he probably will be annoying but don't worry I can take care of him." "You were gone for twenty minutes and you're covered in paint so you clearly weren't held up long. How have you decided that he needs dealing with?" "Oh, he dragged me to the principal's office for skipping class. Can you believe it? The poor idiots going to lose his hair in a matter of weeks here." I nearly choked laughing "He took you to the principle? No one's had the nerve to do that since the sixth grade. Poor Mrs.Cunningham. You filled her car with paint for that... and then crashed it into a tree." "Served her right I missed half of the movie because of that." we walked into class and I stopped standing behind the teacher's desk was the kid in the suit from earlier. Lizz ran right up to him "This is out dork of a new teacher. Doesn't he just look like a pushover in the making?" "Mis.Dezrow get in your seat and try not to cause any trouble." he looked up at me and narrowed his eyes. This was going to be interesting. "And Myra Hellskin I believe?" " Yeees." "shouldn't you be in the infirmary?" he asked looking at my bruised face and my ribs I was still holding. "Isn't it time for class to start?" I said walking to my seat before Lizz could start a fight.

        The class was torture. It was hard enough trying to stay awake and Favio kept on waving this weird scanner doohickey behind me that was making an annoying noise. Then Mr.Starshade kept looking at me suspiciously... or Lizz whenever she intentionally dropped something on the floor or yelled out 'boring!'. Samantha kept trying to mediate between them and at one point had to hold Lizzy in her seat. She also tried to get Favio to stop it which was what she was doing now. "Favio there's no such thing as aliens. Just because someone is strange to you is no reason to bother them like this." said Sam "Well, of course, you'd say that your alien race is probably in league with hers!"-Favio "No one's an alien no both of you be quiet and sit down!"-Leven "Oh be quiet! I know that you're an FBI agent that poisoned our old teacher to take his place! Probably so you could capture all the aliens and experiment on them or just kill them and everyone in the school and cover it up!"-Favio. I had had enough for one day I grabbed his device and set a pulse of energy through it making it explode. "All of you shut up and get back to class! And Favio if you ever wave another one of those things around me again I will turn you into a worm." everyone had jumped back three feet except Lizz and Leven. I gave them one glare and they all got back in their places and started studying. Leven looked at me with a curious gaze for a bit before getting back to teaching.

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