Crawl to Insanity

by Gama Longarms


This came into my mind when I popped some veins in my eyes. They were shaped like the ones in the story.

This a the start of my short stories that will be inter-tangled together. At the end I will release a novel (free of charge) for your enjoyment on a different website. These stories will act almost as set up for the novel and may be fun reads for you guys. Enjoy!

The alarm on my phone goes off next to my head. I don't know why I even bother. I'll just keep hitting snooze until I realize I'm late. Thinking about this has woken me up enough, so I'll stay up. I get up from from my bed and head to the shower. About half way through the shower, the water turns cold. I'm forced to finish up with freezing water and I'm now fully awake.

I get dressed and go looking for eggs in my fridge to make an omelet. All I find is an almost empty milk carton and some leftover lasagna. I grab the milk and pour myself a bowl of shitty cereal. After a couple of bites, I start to get a headache. It's minor, but I decide to take an aspirin and bring a couple with me to work.

I sit at the bus stop with my briefcase waiting for the bus. I'm scrolling through my phone when I get a text. It's from my girlfriend. Maybe she got the job she applied for. I open the text messenger and look at the message. She did get the job, but it seems that she does't need me anymore now that she makes a lot of money from her new job. She broke up with me over text. My blood pressure starts to rise when the bus comes.

I get on the bus and the only seat left is next to some old lady on the phone. I sit there and her all about this women's day. Apparently she woke up to her husband breaking the blender and the dog shitting on the rug. Then she had to sit next the this smelling black dude who was here before me. She says some unfriendly words about the black man before she starts trash talking me. It's like she does't care that I'm sitting right there. I think about grabbing the bitch by the throat and teaching her a lesson on manners when we then we reach my stop. I get off and head for my work building.

My headache seems to be getting worse as I walk towards my building. I pop a couple more aspirin before heading into the building. I start to head towards the elevator when I notice a sign on it. It's out of order. I start to go up the stairs. My phone buzzes in my back pocket and I pull it out. It's a text from my asshole of a coworker, Todd. It's the naked backside of my ex-girlfriend. In the picture, it's still dark outside. So that means this was taken last night. So she broke up with me after she fucked him.

I walk into the office and I see Todd.


I see the pathetic cuck of a little guy make it up the stairs. My 'Out of order' sign seemed to have fooled him. I laugh until he walks up to me. His eyes, mostly his right, have some popped veins. In his left eye they seem random. But in his right it's weird. At the top of his iris, the red, popped veins in his eye are shaped like a tree. At the bottom of his iris, it looks like the root of the tree.

"You look like one crazy motherfucker!" I exclaim.

"Crazy? YOU CALL THIS CRAZY? I'll show you crazy!" He says, laughing as he does it.

He reaches out his hand and grabs my throat. He lifts me up and pins me to the wall. I stare into his eyes when it all turns black.

I'm falling. That's the only way to describe the feeling. It's like falling in a never ending hole and I'm screaming the whole way down. Suddenly, it's like I'm transported into a new world. I'm still falling when I see the monstrosities. I just can't describe them any other way. They have long and grotesque limbs with unblinking, cold, dead eyes. They stare into my very soul until I hit the ground.

Hitting sounds a little too harsh. It's more like I stopped. I stand up and look around. All I can see it blackness. Not darkness, I can see myself clearly, but around me is darkness. That's when a massive face appears in front of me.

"Hear me mortal, for I am the essence of insanity. You were sent here by one of my Apostles of Insanity. His sanity was torn down bit by bit until I had full control of him. You are here for a reason. When you awake, you'll be in a different world. One full of wonder. But sadly in your world you'll be dead. If you ever return, I'm afraid God would like to claim your soul. So don't return. But you'll make a new life with new friends! You will go on a quest! The quest for the Philosopher's Stone. Go and find it. Goodbye."

What the fuck was all I was able to think before I blacked out.

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