by rgupta

Hope was mine and not her's. She was my baby, my baby that she wanted and I never wanted her to get close or even touch her. If she touched my baby I would bit her a turn her into a dead witch and not an almighty vampire and wolf which is a Hybrid of them both. She was never getting my baby. Dehlia maybe a powerful witch but she was a bitch who is out to get my Hope all because I was brought into the messed up Mikaelson family. And I had to have a kid with Nicklaus and now also be part vampire that is fucking annoying.

Let's get this straight Mikaelson consists of Rebekah Mikaelson (vampire) who is in witch form after a battle played out by her and her mother Ester. Elijah who is still a vampire and partly in love with me and I partly am with him and then lastly Marcel who has helped us get away from Dehlia and is very loyal to the Mikaelson's.

The Mikaelson's sometimes get along but not all the time ever since Freya a sister they never knew they had as now appeared but I just want Hope to have a happy childhood and not worry about magic, witches wolves or vampires. I just want her to have a childhood I never had one where her family doesn't abandoned her like my family did to me. That is what I definitely don't want to happen to Hope.

The best which of them all is Davina she would be great helping Hope grow up with magic and then there is Sabrina who is Rebekah's adopted kid. Sabrina's parents were murdered by Witches as Sabrina was the first trybid and the witches wanted her but sabrina run as she witness the murder of her parents .she ran for her life and Rebekah found her and trained her and that is when they found she was a tybird and that she was not able to control her power and they were uncertain that she was able to control her inner wolf and while she would become the most and first of her kind. Her father was a vampire and wolf and mother a wolf she was part of my pack the crescent pack. The crescent pack were cursed and Sabrina was able to control her powers she undid the curse made a another witch. She would be a great help to Hope as then she would be able to help Hope control all her powers and her inner wolf more than any of us would be able to do as trybid's are very dangerous as they grow up as we learnt from watching Sabrina grow up.

Hope's life is endangered and I don't what to have to die. And I need to run from this place the Mikaelson's call a home. It's a nightmare they never get on and I don't want Hope to grown up in the hands of Dehlia and Klaus.

Running out to the Bayou was the place they might not look and if they do the wolves will be ready and take them down. We will murder them if we have to Klaus using the white oak stake if Davina lets us have it if not the old fashion to injury him and Dehlia we will rip apart from bone to bone and then there will be nothing left of her.

"Klaus you here to steal my baby, we'll think again." I growled gritting my teeth and staring directly at his eyes. Showing him that I was dangerous and would protect Hope with all my life. Then right behind him was Dehlia looking like a green eyed monster staring at my Hope. I have a tingling sensation in bones as Klaus and Dehlia advance forward. I myself advance as so far Jackson is acting a wimpy wolf but I know he would fight for me and Hope and not let Kalus stand in his way.

In vain I looked at Delia who was goggling my kid the only person that I would protect with my life. I turned into the monster Kalus is always ourselves the Hybrids. I wanted to rip her apart and shredder her to bits. But as I tried my bones started to crack and so did my pack's bones. I heard the crushing and I yelped in pain and in eyes and all the bones in body started to transform to the horrific form that I used to turn every full moon but now thanks to Klaus I turn human every full moon.


Now I finally have Hope I can bring her up the way I want her to now that Haley is gone I can raise her the way I want to. Hope is the best person in my life and I want Hope to have the best childhood ever now that Hailey has been taken care of and so has her pack of wolves. There is no one stopping me take care of the kid they way I want to now.

"Freya I need you to take care of Hope while I go and do an errand". I called form the hallway on my way out. I need to talk to Luke and ask him to see my future as last time I had a bad omen. The witch Teddy said I would die by either family friend or foe and I want to be sure.

"Klaus I have looked after Hope for so long while you have Elij....."

"Don't speak his name in the present of me and take care of Hope, Freya"

"I just have not had any alone time why can't you take care of your baby, as one day Hope will not realise that your Hope's father and I that will not you apart so can you take Hope with you or give Hope to Elijah." Pronounce Freya.

I was in rage as Freya tried to deify me I am a god but then she is older than me.

I still will not let Dehlia as Hope is now in safe hands and away from Hailey and her stupid and pathetic wolf pack. I will kill Dehlia and she will die if she gets her hands on my Hope.

Dehlia maybe my aunt but she a fucking bitch and she will never get Hope. At least I have put her in a deep sleep.Then I shall struck and kill her.

Enough talk about Dehlia. Hope, I felt was my biggest achievement as she as was born from me and I was overjoyed .

Hope was the one person who didn't get as say either she stayed with me or not and I loved her for that was a baby and would now stay with me.

What was that. A loud bang from Hope's room. I went to inspected it. Hope was gone.

I cried but no one heard me. She was gone and it was my fault. I bet Hailey has taken her. Wait how as she is a wolf there is no way. Dehlia. Dehlia it was must be her.

She has wanted this kid as long as Hope has been alive. And now I have Hope I am an easy target as I love Hope and I put Dehlia under a sleeping spell she may be trying to get to my Hope. I hope not.

I searched for her but there was no sign. It was if she disappeared from the centre of the earth and has taken Hope with her.

Then as I was walking back home I saw a woman in a black robe carried a baby the baby looked dead and as I walked closer towards the woman I realised she was Dehlia and the dead baby Hope.

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