The Magical Ballerina Music Box.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


It just happens to be my most current piece of fantasy fiction.

The ballerina music box will most likely be used again.

Beverly Lane was a young girl, who just happened to own a magical ballerina music box. Every night before she went to sleep, she would open it up, and play it. The soothing melody always would put her fast asleep. She could shut out the angry voices of her parents arguing with each other. She could not believe one of their arguments ended in her father murdering her mother! She locked herself in her room and hid under her canopy bed. Keeping very still, she hoped and prayed to God her own father would not find her. She could hear the sirens wailing. She could hear the gunshots of the police SWAT Team (Special Weapons and Tactics) gun down her father. In a brief moment in time, both of her parents were dead! The police officers searched her house. When they ran up the stars, they broke down her bedroom door. Looking under her bed they found a frightened little girl clutching a magical ballerina musical box.

"Don't be frightened, little girl," the officer spoke kindly to her. "What's your name?" But Beverly was completely speechless. They had to turn her over to the juvenile authorities. Because of her tender years, they did not put her in the youth center. She was placed in a temporary receiving home. They would try and find relatives, who would take her in. Her mother's younger married sister took her in. The only prized possession she took with her was her magical ballerina music box. Beverly Lane took one large battered suitcase filled to the brim of her meager wardrobe. "Beverly, you poor dear neglected child. You look just like a rag doll. You are as thin as a rail. Didn't your parents take good care of you?" Beverly was unable to even speak a single word aloud because she was in a state of shock. What kind of reception awaited poor Beverly at her aunt's home?

"Ragdoll! What a rag doll! "What a pretty face to be dressed in rags. Ragdoll I love you just the way you are." Her cousins taunted her. Beverly dropped her heavy suitcase and ran rapidly away from her aunt's home. She started bitterly crying aloud. Her uncle severely criticized his ungratefully bratty offspring. He was planning on divorcing his wife and leaving her in sole custody of their children. He had his suitcases packed and was waiting for a taxi cab. He was moving in with his twenty-three-year mistress. She would never accept his niece. She did not like children and wanted none of her own. He could not leave her with his separated status wife and children.

He decided to offer Beverly a temporary port in a storm. "A perfect storm,"that's actually what's awaiting me because of Beverly." He thought as he gave the cab driver his and Beverly's suitcases. Beverly remained silent. Dennis was right about the reception his self-centered mistress gave the pair of them. "Dennis! Where on earth did you pick up this raggedy Ann poor little doll? "Gloria, meet my orphaned niece Beverly." "Why didn't you just leave her at your wife's place, darling! Suddenly the light went on. Gloria was much worse than his wife ever dreamed of being! Talk about going from the frying pan into the fire!" Dennis walked right over to Gloria's phone and called the Yellow Cab Company.

They waited in the hallway until the cab driver came. Dennis managed to maintain his own private apartment. With everything going on he neglected to pay his rent. There was a lock placed on his door. With nowhere else to turn he asked the cab driver to drive them both over to his parents' place. His parents were home. "Dennis, whatever happened between you and that selfish creature Gloria!" His father warmly hugged him. "Dennis is this little girl, your niece Beverly?" "Mom I could not leave Beverly with Doris and the kids."You are going to paying child support until the cows come home." "Mom and dad the price of my freedom is well worth it." "Whatever happened to your own apartment?" "I was so busy with the lawyers and filling out the massive legal work for our divorce I forgot to pay the rent. "The landlord placed a lock on my door." "Your father and I are the owners and operators of our own bed and breakfast.

We have no place for either of you." "Now I know what Mary and Joseph meant when they found no room at the Inn! What are we going to do? Dennis, you are a responsible adult. You alone decided to take in this poor unwanted child!" Fiara, a fairy from Butterfly Fairy Island was observing this heart-breaking scene. She noticed Beverly's little magical music box. She replaced the ballerina with herself. She turned on the magical music box. A beautiful musical melody filled the air. Everyone present was wondering where the music was coming from.

Both Dennis and his niece Beverly became reduced to fairy size with rainbow colored butterfly fairy wings. Three times they rotated on the music box before the three of them disappeared. The three of them found themselves safely on Butterfly Fairy Island. Whatever happened to the memories of the selfish and uncaring people they left behind? Fiara wanted to know."I don't want them to know how to find us," responded Dennis. Beverly also spoke, "They never cared about us, why should we remember them?" "Why indeed! And why should you remember them?"

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

aka Roxy Lea 1954

aka Roxy 54/ October Country

March 8, 2018

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