MUD was composed by Robert W. Service. This poem has been submitted for Short courtesy of the faithful volunteers of The Marysville, Washington, Snohomish County, USA. Its location is at Jennings Park. They are asking for a minimum $3.00, and it is worth much more. Currently, they have twenty volunteers and are looking for more volunteers.

Mud is Beauty in the making

Mud is melody awaking;

Laughter, leafy whispering,

Butterflies with rainbow wings;

Ardours of heroic blood;

All stem back to Matrix Mud.

Mud is mankind in the moulding

Heaven's mystery unfolding;

Miracles of mighty men,

Raphael's brush and Shakespear's pen;

Sculpture, music, all we owe

Mozart, Michelangelo;

Wonder, Worship, dreaming spire,

Issue out of primal mire.

In the raw, red womb of Time

Man evolved from cosmic slime;

And our thaumaturgic day

Had its source in ooze and clay...

But I have not power to see

Such stupendous alchemy;

And in star-bright lily bud

Lo! I worship Mother Mud.

​​​​​​​Robert W. Service

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