Jay's Lucky Night

by Adventure Wynn

This story takes place in the mid-western US but this story could happen in any city anywhere in the world where people live with limited opportunities. But this time specifically it was in Columbus, Ohio. More specifically ''The Bottoms.''

The Bottoms first came to life as Franklinton, the first American settlement in Central Ohio dating back to 1797. It sets across the Scioto River just west of present day downtown Columbus, and just east of ''The Hilltop'' neighborhood. It was absorbed into the capitol of Ohio in 1870. These neighborhood's have been completely consumed by absentee landlord rentals that have attracted an abundance of drugs and violence.

Thru this Jay was driving west on Broad Street from downtown. He was returning to his little apartment next to the elevated train tracks that bisect this neighborhood after a long day washing dishes at the diner. He was passing Mount Carmel Hospital when he sees a young woman leaning out of a bus stop and she appeared to be waving at him. It being a little late to catch a bus he realized she must be waiving at him so he slowed and rolled down the window.

Jay noticed her beautiful white smile as he stopped. He saw her let go with the one hand still hanging onto the bus stop and step toward the car. She bent down as she asked for a ride. ''Sure, hop in'' was Jay's answer. This girl was young and cute with really skinny legs, he noticed as she climbed into the passenger seat. Jay had been living in the Bottoms for about a year so he knew there was a certainty this girl was looking for drugs or money. Jay didn't mind though. He wasn't into crack or prostitutes but he did enjoy the company of a pretty young girl.

They both settled into the silence as Jay drove off. It occurred to him to say, ''I'm not going very far... just over onto Yale.'' She laughed uncomfortably but didn't say anything. After a second she spoke up, ''Mister, I really need to go to my house up on the hill. Could you please give me a lift.'' He was just about to say OK when she added, ''I'll suck your cock if you do.''

YOWSA! Jay thought. She's awfully direct, this girl. It didn't take Jay long to agree to that so he said, ''Sure.'' and they both laughed uncomfortably. He told her, ''I live right over here if you want, we can just stop there for a minute.'' She indicated she didn't like that idea and mumbled something about being in a hurry. Jay thought ''Whatever.''

The girl told him just to drive up the hill and she would suck him off while he drove. Jay said, ''That's kind of crazy, isn't it.'' The girl answered, ''Oh no! baby. Let me have it!'' She was already leaning toward him groping for his hardening cock as he leaned back and thrust his hips forward in the seat and held onto the wheel with both hands.

After she unzipped his fly, she unbuttoned his pants and tugged on them saying, ''Come on baby! Let me have it! Push your pants down all the way so I can play with your balls!'' ''Oh my god!'' Jay thought out loud. He couldn't believe this little horny girl. So as he paused at a light he pushed his pants down to his knees as she engulfed him all the way into her throat. After rising and falling a few times she came up breathing heavy and said, ''''I don't want your underwear in my face baby.'' With her right hand she pushed Jays pants as far down as she could while squeezing his shaft with her left and slipping her lips over the tip of his rock hard rod.

As he slowed at the next street light he realized it was ending as quickly as it begun. Before the light changed he blew his load full into the girls mouth thinking, ''Just my luck!'' As he did this he could hear her making an unpleasant frustrated sound which caused Jay to chuckle a little. She rose up off his cock and with her left hand she was cleaning the foamy spooge from his shaft when she said ominously, more to his cock than him, ''Fuck it!'' So with this hostility in her voice she dove back onto his cock. Jay couldn't help but notice after his orgasm, the passing street lights cast depressing shadows of desperation on the girls face as she went down out of sight.

''What the fuck was that all about?'' Jay wondered to himself. Without the onrushing orgasm distracting him, he was able to divide his attention between the road and this confusingly angered young girl that continued giving him oral. As he glanced from the road back to the girls head in his lap he realized she was leaning heavily on her right arm. That's when it hit him! She's rifling through my jeans with her right hand! So he grabbed her right arm as hard as he could and he barked, ''OK! That's enough!''

She wilted quickly and offered no resistance as she knew she was busted red handed. Jay kept a vice like grip on her arm as he pulled into an alley to throw her out. She started begging as they entered the dark alley, ''Please mister don't hurt me! I just sucked your cock! Please don't hurt me, I'm sorry.''

Jay was the ominous one now as he stopped quickly and while maintaning his grip on her arm he groped with his left hand for his wallet. Finding it in his pants still, he released her arm and through gritted teeth said, ''Get the fuck out!'' As he pulled the door handle he shoved her out the open door onto her ass in the alley.

As he started to drive off, the girl stood up and in the midst of all this she noticed she dropped her lighter in the seat and shouted, ''At least give me my fucking lighter asshole!'' Jay was happy to throw it out the window as he drove off thinking, ''Goddamn that was lucky!''

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