The Story Behind Us..

by I.M


Getting the word out there! <3

Cutters, Self harmers, emos.. all the names that have developed for us over time. We are just like regular people in this world, yet we are treated so differently. Treated as outcasts, and like we have some type of dangerous, contagious disease. We do have a disease, a mental illness and whether it be ptsd, bpd, anxiety, bp, or simply depression it's not contagious, but it can be dangerous. We have it, and the emotions that we feel become too much for us to take on and our "demons" will take over and tell us to hurt ourselves.. So we listen, we self harm whether that be cut, drink, burn, scratch or starve ourselves, we hurt ourselves in some way. But the thing is, that sometimes we don't even realize that we are doing it, or that it's becoming a addiction. The thing about us is that sometimes our emotions completely take over and it feels as if we are in a dream, a nightmare that we cant escape.. so we hurt ourselves to know we are alive. Everyone has their differences, but the story behind people like us is deep and we don't want to be looked down upon or given ugly looks because of our scars, that only makes things worse.

From personal experience with all of this i am here for whomever needs someone just to simply listen.. Thank you


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