Day 8

by VKB


Yana, a young Singaporean girl is in London for 2 weeks. She is encountering things that she never imagined before.

I had a very bad feeling that the night not going to be a very easy one for me.The rain is pouring heavily and Ash still not coming with the umbrella he went to get from his room two blocks away.

I'm Yana, 23 old short and almost everyone who knows me describe as a nerd. I arrived in the UK a week ago to complete the 2 weeks final module before graduating on my BA Literature. My graduation will be held in London.

Its been three days since I know Ash here in the UK. He is a very handsome and smartly dressed guy that all girls love to hang around with. Ash has an UK permit which allows him to work here after completing this final module and graduation.

Mine is a different story, I have to return to Singapore to get my first job and let my mom rest at home and stop doing all the jobs she have been doing ever since dad left us. My mom works in the bar as a cashier, sells homemade cookies and does some baby sitting sometimes in our neighborhood to support my education and our expenses.

Me and Ash likes each other and this is the first time I have accepted a guy fully in my heart. He is funny, flirty and always has a smile on his face. Being far from Mom was difficult but getting myself closer with Ash made me forget about everything in my life, at least for this two weeks.

The rain doesn't look coming to an end. After awhile, I saw Ash running with the umbrella. He is soaked from top to bottom and he still yet to open the umbrella lock and that explain why his shirt is all soaked.

"What took you too long" I asked him while grabbing the umbrella as he wiped his face and hair with his hands.

"The boys are out to the club as its Saturday tomorrow. I couldn't find the keys and I borrowed this umbrella from Mrs Mary." He explained for the delay.

Mrs Mary is the lady living in the same block as Ash.

We shared the umbrella and walked to my room so he can leave me there and go back for a bath. Ten minutes slow walk and we arrived to my room.

"Thanks Ash, go back have a bath and get some good sleep" I told him while searching for the room keys from my handbag.

"Yan, I do not have the keys and have no idea what time the boys will be back." Ash told me while i managed to get the keys from my bag.

True enough, he is shivering and will get cold if he waits here for the boys to be back.

I invited him inside and got him a towel so he can get a hot bath while I can arrange the bed for me to sleep.

"Thanks Yan" he kissed me on my cheek and took the towel from my hand and walked to the bathroom. That was weird but I liked it.

Ten minutes later, I am all set to bed and arranged a blanket on the couch for Ash as he can wait till his friend come back. Its just the upper floor and we will hear them if they are back. They have to pass my room to get to the stairs and its a small walkway where even a cough can be heard clearly.

Ash came out with only the towel and I realized he his far more skinny compared to what I thought he is. "So do you have anything for me to wear, I do not have any clothes". He smiled to me. I took my hoodie from the couch and throw-ed it to him as I'm too sleepy and tired to speak.

He put on the hoodie and came near me and dropped a kiss on my forehead, "Good night sweety". He treat me like a kid and its something that I missed getting since was a kid.

After few minutes, I realized I could not sleep. Ash is on the couch while looking at his phone. I raised my head up and looked at him. "Cant sleep?" He asked me in a very slow voice. I nodded and came to the couch to sit with him. He arranged his seat so we both can seat comfortably.

I hugged him and lay on his shoulders as he still checking messages on his phone.

I got shocked when he throw-ed the phone on the bed opposite and hugged me tightly.

"God!" I was not wearing my bra and the hoodie his wearing is not zipped at the chest part. My nipples poked him and I know that this not going to end here. His lips locked mine. He lifted my hands attempting to open my pyjamas and swallowed my whole breast. I did not let him remove my pyjamas fully. I was in a state of shock. This is the first time ever a guy touching me in such way and his touch gave me a different feeling. Something that I never encountered my whole life. He took turn sucking both my nipples and I started moaning softly. He took my right hand and guided to his crotch. He is still on the towel and I realized I'm touching a guys big manhood for a very first time in my life. He made me hold it beyond the towel. I started feeling like a fully grown women for the very first time and imagined what he is up to next. He removed his towel and guided my hand to move his penis upward and down in a very soft way. He guided my head towards his crotch.

"Beep!" There was a phone vibration on my bed and I heard a message beep from my phone. "That's Mom" My brain triggered me to stop what I'm doing and grab my phone. I jumped from the couch and turn to my bed to get the phone. I adjusted my pyjamas and ran to the washroom.

To be continued

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