Field of Grass

by Daniela Mejia

She opened her eyes to find she was lying in a green field of grass.

The tall blades surrounding her gently swayed back and forth, tracing an imaginary figure on her skin, leaving goose bumps in their wake. She peace. And the distant caresses of life against her sounded like recurrent waves brushing against a shore.

She sat upright and looked around, noting that there was no breeze yet the grass and leaves kept swaying. Trying to look ahead, she saw only a confusing mass of nothing, as there was only ground and sky.

Sitting upright made her feel tired.

Her mind went numb as she sat erect, dizzying her conscience. It was as if there was some sort of internal mechanism telling her to be recumbent. To lie down and become closer to the ground.

She stayed sitting up, but shifted her position to rest her upper body weight against her hands, putting them behind her. She realized, somehow, that sitting up disabled her from thinking. Furrowing her eyebrows in annoyance she slid back down completely.

"I've....done something bad," she whispered to no one, and her echo replied in agreement.

An inaudible sigh escaped her lips as she dully noted that the rustling sound had ceased. The sound of silence leaked into her ears instead, leaving scuff marks everywhere it went. This world was not amusing her any longer; she closed her eyes in hopes of falling asleep.

Only, sleep never came. A caterpillar did. It crawled from below her, onto her, with slow glides.

"You should open your eyes," it told her when it had finished moving.

"I've done something bad," she retorted, ignoring its suggestion.

"It's all right. Open your eyes and greet the world of unfairness."

The girl shifted uncomfortably. Her upper arm suddenly went numb under the weight of the caterpillar, and silence was expanding like a balloon in her head. She felt the movement of something nearby.

"I'll do something bad again," she muttered, again shifting slightly.

"It's all right, all is forgiven. Just open your eyes."

"I've been doing something bad since I can remember..." The tingling sensation in her shoulder was spreading.

"Open your eyes and see." The caterpillar seemed more eager this time.

She opened them, and the massive cloud of nothing was millimeters in front of her.

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