The Bus

by Pauliolio

i took a bus into town today,the number twenty-one

i never knew that travelling thus,could bring me so much fun

i took my seat on the upper deck,for the journey into town

hid behind my morning paper,and had me a look around.

two ladies in front of me chatted away,discussing a next-door neighbour

and whether she voted Liberal-Dem or plumped instead for Labour

a guy at the back had a giggle attack,at an imaginary joke

hidden from sight as he asked for a light and puffed an illegal smoke

three seats ahead a notorious ned,with signs of a broken nose

insulted a guy with a patch on his eye,it very near came to blows

as we neared the town and things calmed down,i settled down to read

"Investment in public transport" a worthy cause indeed!

tomorrow i take the car ........

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