Speech Writing About Chess

by Haibo Sun

     Hello, everybody! My name is Haibo Sun, and I feel honoured to be at this stage to share my experience about chess. Chess is the most famous and popular board game in the world, and it is a language without borders. I will introduce the structure of chess, how to play chess, how to win a chess game, and how can chess help us.

   I learned to play chess when I was seven years old. After I played my first chess game, I became highly interested in chess, and my parents found a teacher to teach me chess. Then chess became my best friend and my greatest hobby.

  The board and pieces of chess are classical and artistic. 32 white and black squares create an incredible chess board. 16 exquisite black and white pieces are major characters of chess. The structure is easy but positions are endless.

  The ways to play chess and move the chess pieces are interesting and idiosyncratic. Pretend our chess game is like a battle, the majestic king designates you to be the commander, and the pieces that have the colour you pick are your loyal soldiers. But these soldiers have different abilities that we need to know about, eh?

    Being a commander, your purpose is to use your valiant soldiers to protect your king, and constrain the enemy king until he has no squares to move. Use your precious pieces wisely, and fight for glory.

    Playing chess has incalculable benefits. Chess will effectively exercise both sides of our brain, develop our logical thinking, and improving memory. For example, in our lives, there is an immense fortress we all want to overcome, and it is called the fortress of math.

Numerous math masters play chess. Playing chess makes their logic sharp, and helps them a lot with enigmatic math questions. Chess not only helps us to be more intelligent, it also makes us more focused and disciplined. This is why chess is so useful for us, and how it can change our life.

   Chess is like a small war. 16 pieces are like a squad in an army, an unbreakable family. The union is in strength, all pieces have to be united and work together to get a team success, a final victory. In our lives and career, we have to work with others to achieve success, too.

   To be an exceptional chess player, we should devote ourselves to all aspects of society, and use our wisdom to sacrifice for our magnificent future. How graceful are the chess pieces! How aesthetic is the chess board! How provocative are the moves of each piece! How meaningful are the truths that chess can teach us: Victory and defeat; cooperation and bravery.

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