Who Am I?

by Anand Jay

A question we ask, but to ourselves we deny,

The answer that is known to the man in the sky,

We'd shed our own skin until we bleed dry,

To know the answer to the question, who the hell am I?



When the new day dawns, in the mirror we stare,

Look at everyone else and then judge and compare,

But if one day we awoke and all was empty and bare,

What would we actually lose, and would we even care?



Know what's important, in the life that you live,

Care for the people who bother to give,

You the time of day, and remain positive,

And watch for the person who renders you inquisitive,



For there is always that one soul, who you will come to truly love,

Who dreams as you do, of onwards and above,

You spend every minute with them, but that's never enough,

Like the slipper to Cinderella, they fit on you like a glove,



And that's all that life is, it's about making it all fit,

Those distractions, irritations and all that's negative,

When you look in that mirror, mate who really gives a shit,

Life's about living so go on, live a little bit,

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