The Elf and Little Ned.

by Roxanne Dubarry


They were poems composed by a good friend of mine, Mary Clifford.

Here sits a

lonely little Elf All by himself. All the children of the town choose the presents that were bigger and not green or brown. He was both One lost little soul like him. came into the room and cried, " Why so sad little one?" the elf said. He did respond back," Because my best friend has died." "Come little one," I'll be your new friend if you want me too." you look lonely and lost like me. Let's be friends for eternity." And they were. Mary Clifford November 24, 2017

Oh to be a child again. A time of growing A time of learning A time of taking a Journey through life. Not caring or wondering What. Just taking a chance that it may be a good travel and not caring whether it is or not- Just doing it ( take the journey.) Mary Clifford. November 24, 2017

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