Christian and Jamie Part Two.

by Roxanne Dubarry


There is such a thing as answered prayers. Jamie's friends were praying overtime for her.

" Today is Sunday, and I don't have any food because I forgot to go shopping on Saturday. I was so busy doing my laundry at the laundry mat. Afterwards. I was so tired, I did not have enough energy to do any grocery shopping! Wait a minute, they have a coffee hour on Sundays at the Church of the Open Door! It's Christian's church so I won't be a complete stranger!" Jaime was talking out loud to herself. "Maybe Beany will be there as well. Beany or Beanie was not Jean's real last name. It had been her nickname ever since elementary school. Thanks to Christian, Jean Beans was also a Christian. He probably believes it is his divine assignment getting as many souls into the heavenly pearly gates as possible! "Oh well, I am not going to turn down a free lunch!" She locked her apartment's door and ran down three flights of outside stairways. She rapidly ran the few blocks to the nearest bus stop. She would have to remember they were operating on Sunday's weekend schedule. She had memorized the times of all the buses she needed to ride a long time ago.

She also had to transfer to several other buses before reaching her destination. She ran the few blocks from the bus stop to the church. Jaime was in excellent physical, but not a spiritual condition. She did not have to have a regular fitness routine, nor join a fitness club. Climbing the stairs at home and work was good enough exercise. Running to catch buses and running to her destinations also kept her in shape.

She arrived at Christian's church after the afternoon service was over. She knew Christian attended both the morning and afternoon services. He was a greeter and an usher at both services. She had to admit, he had the nicest smile of any young man she knew. Christian was safe, girls knew he would not try to take advantage of them. They laughed and even joked about it. Christian simply did not even know how to talk to girls much less try to kiss them. Christian really was one in a million and all the boys and girls knew it.

"Jamie! You just missed a really great service by Pastor Jonathan Smith!" greeted Beany. "He was talking about Christian service in our community by setting a good example." "I prayed really hard you would decide to come to church today, Jamie!" smiled Christian. "My name is Pastor Jonathan Smith, but you can call me Pastor Jonn!" The pastor had a firm handshake. "You must be friends with both Christian and Beany since you were little!" For the first time in her life, Jamie Younger was speechless. No wonder Christian and Beany came here! They were much more than church members, they were all part of an extended family. Her best friends since childhood were attending church. It probably did them a great deal of good. It certainly did not do them any harm. "My name is Lucy Smith, and I am Pastor Jonn's wife. We are so glad you decided to join us today." All Jamie could do was nod her head, shake her hand and smile.

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 54/ October Country

November 23, 2017

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