The Heart of Darkness

by Xander


Austrian incest dad troubled me when I was younger. I could never understand how a father could harm his own little girl and then rape her in front of the children she had by him. For 21 years he did this. This poem is in my voice imaging myself in her shoes from the beginning to the end.


I trembled under the heavy voice of footsteps Creeping into my lonely bedroom Down the hall.

I quivered in the reach of disgust's touch, disguised as a father's affection, You took my hand in your Then led me into sleepless nights, And still I held on.

Your lips grip my breast As you held them

The dented palms of a shadow's hand softly caressing, your fingers run their course of neglect, through my faded threads.

I weep.

You forcefully spread my branches as you climb my withering tree inserting everlasting pain you smother my cold corpse underneath your warm body. I pray.

I sweat from the heat of your breaths, suffocated in the depths of your hugs of lust and incestuous emotions.

I wither away.

With each stroke of the clock, the weight of you becomes unbearable suicide isn't an option but I've died in the thoughts,

My mind heavy and confused as I sink into your poison parasitic solution

Reaching into oblivion as their eyes are watching.

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