Christian and Jamie.

by Roxanne Dubarry


This is a follow-up story to Christian and Beany.

Christian was looking at his best friend Jamie and smiling at her. Jamie smiled back. "Great we are still friends. I am glad Jesus Christ permitted me to help our friend, Beany find him." Christian was thinking, did I finally get a star in my crown? And then the light went on in his head. It is not all about me, it is all about Jesus!" "I am not an easy mark like poor ole Beany! You aren't going to preach any Sermon on the Mount to me!" Jamie walked away rapidly. She could always catch the next bus. "But I really need to catch this one!" She rapidly ran back to their bus stop. She was just in time. Several another late minute arrivals arrived barely just in time. Christian let the other passengers get on ahead of him. Christian and Jamie were the only ones left. Since the bus had reached full capacity, any more passengers were not allowed. The bus pulled away. Fortunately, there was another local bus right behind it.

The driver pulled into the bus stop, immediately after the other bus entered the traffic lane. The driver's name was Sally. She was well known for her sunny disposition. "Good morning, Jamie and Christian, how are you both doing today?" "Great, just great!" They handed Sally their bus passes, she returned them and allowed Jamie and Christian to set down. Before she entered the traffic lane behind the other bus. Several of the other bus drivers did not bother to wait until all of their passengers were seated. Before they entered back traffic lane. Some of their passengers even slightly lost their balance. Since Sally Sunshine's bus was almost empty, Jamie and Christian did not have to share the same seat. Sunshine was not Sally's last name it was her well-deserved nickname. Her last name was Southern. She wondered why Jamie and Christian did not sit together as they always managed to do so. She could think about it later, right this minute she had to concentrate on her driving. There was an inspector as one of her passengers. Her name was Beanie.

She was conducting a semi-annual review of Sally's driving. Their local city superintendents required it. The other bus drivers were always on their best behavior whenever Beanie was on the job. Beanie, Jamie, and Christian had something in common. They had all known each other since elementary school. Even though she was busily evaluating Sally, she also wondered why Jamie and Christian were not seating together. The Holy Spirit gave her the necessary answer. Christian was trying to witness to Jamie the same way he did her. She was glad she listened to Christian! She would honestly pray for Jame's salvation. As for the Christian, witnessing was concerned she would leave it up to Christian. Sally Sunshine's bus arrived at Jamie's stop. Jamie was a file clerk at their local county administrative building. She was a floater. She would transport files and records from one location to the next. Jamie completely put Christian out of her mind. She had her job to focus on.

Christian had to transfer to other buses before he reached his destination. There was a bus stop a couple of blocks away from his church. It was non-denominational and catered to the lower income population. The working class poor, as well as the homeless. Christian was a volunteer and served in their soup kitchen. He was not a cook and did not help prepare the meals, he served their people. After the meals, he helped bus the tables. He helped sweep the floors as needed. What was Christian's source of income? How could he really be a volunteer five to seven days a week? Christian did not have a paying job. He received a regular monthly allowance from his family. Christian suffered from stress anxiety. He was unable to endure the stressful environment of having a regular salary's employment. The soup kitchen was opened Monday- Friday. Saturdays, The Church of the Open Door had a potluck for church members and their people. People were allowed to have "take home containers" for their leftovers. What about Sunday? They had coffee hosts who volunteered on weekly bases. Some of their people attended Sunday services. Most of them only attended the community meals. They were not interested in the good news of the gospel, only filling their stomachs.

Love in Christ Jesus! Roxanne Lea Dubarry Roxy Lea 1954 Roxy 54/ October Country November 16, 2016

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