Princess Pamela of Fairy Island Part Seven.

by Roxanne Dubarry


Part seven concludes with Mother Nature transforming the former evil Prince Peter of Fairy Island into a Pixie Dust Tree on Butterfly Fairy Island.

"Former Prince Peter should be demoted to being a mere servant!" All eyes were turned upon King Paul. "He should learn virtue and humility." Queen Rachael added with her husband's approval. "He should be a working class butterfly fairy." interrupted Fiara of Butterfly Fairy Island. "We are all created equal and have no servants!" "It is much too good for him..." "We should let Prince Peter decide his own appropriate punishment." They all agreed he should be punished, but they failed to agree how to carry out his sentence.

Prince Peter bowed his head in a form of false humility's repentance. "I am guilty as charged! Becoming a lowly butterfly fairy of Fairy Island is much too good for such a scoundrel like poor little old me!" Peter thought he would lose his privileges and prestige as a butterfly fairy, but not his power, or his freedom.

"As a butterfly fairy, he would not be left to his own devices. He would be assigned, keepers... " Faria briefly paused. "What do you mean by keepers?" asked a puzzled Officer Dale Evans. "Keepers or watchers are what you would call police officers." Faria intently gazed at him. Why was a police officer here in the first place? What did he have to do with whatever was going on?" Faria's questing mind was spinning around in circles. "You mean correction and parole officers. He would have to follow the proper guidelines or be incarcerated. Do you plan on releasing him for community services for a certain period of time?"

" Community service! what a perfectly brilliant idea, Officer Evans. Having former Prince Peter transformed into a butterfly fairy is a great idea, Fiaria!" Santa and Mrs. Claus loudly clapped their mittens. "Public service, being forced to do good deeds, will not transform an evil heart!" proclaimed King Paul and Queen Rachael. "He will still be free to plot and carry out his wicked plans!" "What would you recommend his sentence should be, your majesty's?" wondered Sammy, the elves' CEO.

"He should cease to exist!" The magic mirror suggested. "The memory of him should be completely forgotten. Not just for a few centuries, but forever and forevermore!" He looked around him to see what their reactions would be. "It is the only way to deal with the problem. He would serve as an example to all potential evildoers!"

"Whatever happens to love thy neighbor and forgiveness?" asked Mrs. Claus. "It only applies if Peter is sorry for what he tried to do. And it is clear to see he is not!" "I do not repent and I am not sorry for my evil actions!" Peter honestly admitted to his captive audience. "I was right, after working with him all this time I know him better than he even knows himself."

"I have an idea, everyone may approve of?" suggested Faria. Instead of completely obviating former Prince Peter, he could be transformed into a Pixie Dust Tree on Butterfly Fairy Island!" All eyes were now focused upon Faria. "He would benefit our butterfly fairies and become unable to harm any creatures great and small." She was startled. Her audience was beaming with a sense of utmost relief. "His own memory and ours will totally one hundred percent forgotten." "Who will volunteer to carry out his transformation? I am only a lowly butterfly fairy and I am not qualified."

"I agree Faria has come up with the perfect solution to all of our problems." King Paul and Queen Rachael nodded their stately crowned heads in agreement. "Oh, dear me," Faria you are right! Mrs. Claus shook her head sadly. "It is a bitter pill for me to have to swallow. Santa and I believed no one was beyond help through acts of kindness and mercy." "As a Pixie Dust tree on Butterfly Island, he would benefit their fairies." The Magic Mirror agreed. "But who shall perform this act of transformation?"

Mother Nature entered the scenario taking place. She waved her right arm and changed the former evil Prince Peter into a tall Pixie Dust tree and planted him on Butterfly Fairy Island for all of the eternity. When the transformation was finished, she vanished.

Love as always!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 54/ October Country

November 02, 2017

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