Princess Pamela of Fairy Island Part Five.

by Roxanne Dubarry


Part five ends with the Magic Mirror and the Clauses planning to stop Prince Peter's murderous rampages.

"When most people and fairies think of wicked villains and adversaries in fairy tales, they do not think of fairy princes!" shouted Prince Peter aloud with glee to his own private magic mirror. Upon the demise of the wicked queen of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Prince Peter had it transferred to his private land holdings on Fairy Island. "They think of wicked queens and fairy godmothers. Not to mention witches, warlocks, and wizards! magic mirror on the wall, who is the most malevolent villain of all!" The most malevolent villain of all is God's own adversary, Satan himself." answered his magic mirror truthfully. "You speak the truth as always!" laughed Prince Peter. "What would Satan himself do?" Since I am not Satan, I am unable to answer your request. "Never mind, we will think of something." "I refuse to become involved with any of your wicked schemes against Princess Pamela. I do not blame her for not wanting to marry you! You are most disgusting princes on Fairy Island." "I take that as a compliment! "Now this is what we are going to do...

" Meanwhile back in the human world. "Where did you disappear to, Officer Dale Evans?" shouted his partner Officer Steve Hooker. "I got lost in the crowd," he replied carefully. "He was helping me," interrupted the bookish young man. He was Sammy, the elf in disguise. "What is your name young man? asked Officer Steve Hooker "Sammy Elfman," he hesitated. "I really do apologize for the accidental breaking of your bifocal glasses." "What is your name, Ms?" asked Officer Dale Evans. Princess Pamela decided to disguise herself after all. "Ms. Pamela Prince."

"It is perfectly disgusting! Sammy, the elf, and Princess Pamela should have thought of different names and disguises! They are not the only ones who can masquerade as mortals. Hitmen have the most profitable and rewarding occupations of all! A semi-automatic weapon equipped with a silencer and scope ought to serve my plans perfectly. A magic wand is much more effective, but unfortunately, hitmen don't come equipped with them. All I have left to do is zero in on my targets and ready aim fire!" Prince Peter said softly to himself.

"Who can I tell about Prince Peter's murderous plot! Hell hath no fury like Prince Peter's wounded pride and vanity! I unwillingly participated in much nefarious plots and schemes!" "You can tell us, magic mirror!" Santa and Mrs. Claus shouted. "I never wanted to be a villain!" sobbed the magic mirror. "You have decided to redeem yourself after these long hard centuries!" Love as always, Roxanne Lea Dubarry Roxy Lea 1954 Roxy 54/ October Country November 02, 2017

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