Princess Pamela of Fairy Island Part Four

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


This part four of my mini-series concludes with Prince Peter of Fairy Island devising a fiendish plot. Being both proud and vain are faults even Prince Peter cannot handle. Transforming himself into a malevolent one is much worse.

"Beautiful fairy princess, am I having a wonderful dream or are you for real?" requested a befuddled Dale Evans. "It is not a dream, I am for real, and we are at the North Pole. Santa and Mrs. Claus brought you here," replied Princess Pamela. "Is it because I saw both you magically disappear?" "Yes, you were an eyewitness." "What happens to me now?" "What happens to you next, Dale is mainly up to you. You have two pathways you can choose. You can remain the police officer patrolling your city's sidewalks with your training partner." "If I do decide to return to my job and my responsibilities, will I even remember any of this?" "You will have amnesia, and won't remember anything."

"What if I decide to become a fairy prince?" "Your former life as a human will be completely erased. Your whole life will be as if you never existed." "Just like that classic movie starring Jimmy Stewart in "It's a wonderful life?" he interrupted her. "No, no person in your former life will be negatively affected in any way. " "Than it means my former partner won't get into trouble for losing track of me!" "Dale, you are exactly correct!" "My friends and family won't remember me either." "I did not say it would be easy.

Would you like some time to make up your mind?" "Yes, I would. But where do I go from here?" "You return to your former life, with one exception. I come back with you." "As that beautiful lady with the long black hair and spiked heels. Maybe, Sammy, the elf could come along with us. He could disguise himself as a bookish young man with bifocals." "It would create too many complications.

Fairies have the power to become smaller, like genies." "I thought genies were all make-believe. Dale, genies are just as real as elves and fairies." "And Santa Claus! they shouted." "In I dream of Genie, the 1960's syndicated television series, Barbara Eden gave Larry Hagman a run for his money. Larry was caption and latter on Major Anthony Nelson. And his best friend was caption and latter Major Roger Healey. I forget his real name!"

"I am not a genie and fairies do not need masters!" 'I will not cause you any problems! You have my word as a Princess of Fairy Island. I do not want to lose track of you. You are not prepared to leave your mortal world behind." Snow globes also exist on Fairy Island. The Clauses and their loyal hardworking elves presented them as free gifts.

Prince Peter was laughing out loud to himself. This was going to prove easier than I planned! Officer Dale Evans was foolish to go back to his human world. As for Princess Pamela, she was foolish to volunteer to return with him. Now let me see what fiendish plot can I devise..." Love as always, Roxanne Lea Dubarry Roxy Lea 1954 Roxy 54/ October Country October 28, 2017

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