Amoung the Rooftops: Chapter 1

by Lydia Bowers


Sky only wants to protect her brother, will she succeed?

I clutch Jupiter's hand tightly, my heart racing. The people in front of us walk ahead, their bodies tense with worry. I glance down at my younger brother and sigh, all I want to do is keep him safe, but I know I can't guarantee that. He looks up at me, his innocent blue eyes boring into mine.

"Sky, why do you look so worried?" he asks, his sweet childish voice ringing in my ears.

I wipe the worry off my face and smile at him.

"No reason little monkey, but you'd better be!"

He giggles as I tickle him in the stomach.

"Sky and Jupiter Arta, please come forward"

I straightened as the speaker called out our names. Grasping Jupiter's hand a little tighter we stride into the building in front of us. We walk into a large room and sit down on two seats. A man sits in front of us, watching us intently. I shift uncomfortably in my seat; I feel like the man's gaze is going straight through my body.

"Sky and Jupiter, you are both orphan's, am I correct?" The man asks, looking through a file.

I swallow.

"Yes sir, my parents...."

"Were killed in a train crash" the man interrupts, looking up from the file momentarily.

I feel a tremor of sadness go through my body, but I keep my figure.

"Sky, you have applied for a job, after the session I want you to look over these documents explaining each and every job there is in Clan W, you will choose one in exactly 1 hour"

I nod stiffly, immediately rebelling in my mind against the shortness of time.

"Jupiter, you will start 1st grade"

I open my mouth to protest.

"He is only 5, that's too young for school!" I say.

The man silences me with a glare.

"When you have a job, you will be gone half the day, who will care for your brother in the meantime?"

I breathed in deeply. He was right.

"Now Sky, if you will please look over the job form I will take young Jupiter here to find some refreshments."

I watch them go, my heart filling with new fear for my brother. Brushing aside my thoughts, I start to go through the file.

"Butcher, Cook, Nurse" I mutter, my eyes narrowing in concentration.

After scanning the whole three pages, I go back to the only one I like. One position was open for a Small One Caretaker/ Protector. I bite my lip. A Small One Caretaker (S.O.C for short) is not particularly a fun job. Taking care of orphans and such, is hard work, it is also dangerous. It is your job to protect the little ones from the homeless and rich, who will take them for slaves. But I do love children, and I know how they feel. Taking a pen, I circle my choice. I lay the file on the man's chair and walk out of the room, my breaths quickening. 'Have I made the right choice?'

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