The Fairy Princess Part One.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Princess Pamela of Fairy Island has been hiding out in the human world. Santa and Mrs. Claus used Sammy, the elf to locate her.

Walking down a modern busy street, Princess Pamela was aware of several admiring male glances. More than one of them reminded her of Prince Peter. She had run away from Fairy Island to avoid a pre-arranged marriage to him. The parents of both families had the two of them engaged since they were infants. Since fairies mate for life and live several thousands of years, Pamela could not imagine spending the rest of her entire life with Peter. She was aware many younger humans lived together and had children without being married. They were even able to marry members of their own sex. Those who considered themselves transgender, choose to change. Males would become females, whereas females became males. "Humans live in a confused and mixed up society. Such relationships do not even exist on Fairy Island. Humans enjoy a greater freedom but are much less contented." She pondered silently to herself. "If I was so happy living on Fairy Island, why did I leave in the first place?"

She bumped into a slender young man wearing bifocal eyeglasses. She knocked his bifocals off of his nose. Since he was unable to see without them, he became legally blind. To make matters worse, Pamela crushed his eyeglasses beneath her spiked high heeled shoes. "I can't see!" he cried aloud. "Is there anything wrong?" asked a young police officer. This clumsy young woman bumped into me and broke my bifocal glasses! And I am totally blind without them!" "And what do you have to say for yourself?" questioned the officer. "I wasn't looking where I was going! It was an accident! I swore to God, it wasn't my fault!" The officer looked at a beautiful young woman with long black hair and stylish clothing. Next, he looked at the young and slender man. He wasn't short or tall, he was of medium height. His thinning light brown hair had a receding hairline. His clothing looked as if he had worn it for quite some time.

"Ms what are your name and address and phone number?" "My name is Pamela Prince, I am a visitor and have no phone number." "What is your occupation?" "I don't have one." "What was your former occupation? "I have never had a job in my life." "What is your source of income, then?" "I don't have any income." "Do you honestly expect me to believe all of that?" "I just happen to be telling the truth." She reached down and picked up his glasses from the sidewalk. But when she picked them up they were no longer broken. She had used her fairy magic for the first time in the human world. The bookish-looking young man was surprised, and so was the police officer. While they were busy looking at the eyeglasses she handed the young victim, Pamela walked away.

Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus witnessed the entire event very carefully through their snow globes. "Princess Pamela has just helped us locate her. I am glad we decided to send Sammy the elf to the city after all." Sammy the elf was not the police officer. He was the bookish young man with bifocal eyeglasses. "What do we tell the King and Queen of Fairy Island?" "Tell them the truth, of course, Princess Pamela has decided to visit the human world. She is not the first fairy to do this and she will not be the last!" When the officer turned his back, Sammy the elf disappeared. He reappeared in his red and green working elf uniform at the North Pole. "Well done, Sammy!" "Fairies like to think they are so much smarter than we elves are. I have been using the same broken eyeglasses trick on them for a lot longer than I care to remember!" The police officer looked around briefly for the young man. When he could not find him, he simply shrugged his shoulders. He probably was so embarrassed, he decided to lose himself in the crowd of people. As for the young woman, he figured she did the same thing.

Princess Pamela had watched the young man disappear. Since he wasn't a fairy, he must be an elf. She had just fallen for one of the oldest tricks in the books. Santa and Mrs. Claus must have sent him to try and find her. Of course, her parents contacted them! What should she do now, change her appearance again? It would not do any good, they could not force her to marry a man she could never love! Love! Faries did not marry for it, but tradition. What could she do? Her parents would never consent to her marrying a mere human. If she ever did, they would completely disown her.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 54/ October Country

October 12, 2017

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